Building Permits

A Building Permit should be fast and easy to get if your application and plans are complete, and you include letters of assurance from all your design professionals. Kitimat Building Inspectors are knowledgeable professionals. If you want to build a new commercial building or renovate an existing building, please speak with an Inspector early, and consult with them as often as needed during the project planning and construction phases.

A change in occupancy or use of an existing structure may require you to address specific building deficiencies. BC Building Code defines the requirements for each class—or type—of commercial use. An Inspector can help you identify the required scope of your construction project before you commit to a project or begin work (see Building Inspection for more information).

Many signs—but not all—require a building permit. Design Guidelines set standards for exterior renovations and signs in the City Centre and Mountainview Square area.

Multi-family residential projects, as well as projects located within Kitimat's Downtown Revitalization Area and Development Approval Information Area, require a Development Permit before a Building Permit can be issued. 

For questions or concerns pertaining to building permits, please contact Building Inspection at (250) 632-8900.