Multi-Family Residential Projects

Multi-family residential projects require a development permit. General guidelines regarding the form and character of multi-family buildings are established in the Official Community Plan. Design review and the permitting process ensure the project will fit into the surrounding single and two-family neighbourhood.

What is a Development Permit?

A Development Permit (DP) is a land-use control tool used by Municipalities to ensure high quality development and efficient land utilization. A Development Permit Area (DPA) is a specific zone or block of land identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP). A Development Permit must be issued before the following can occur:

  • Subdivision of the land;
  • Construction of, adding to, or altering of any building or structure on the land

In Kitimat, Development Permits are required for construction or major exterior renovations of multi-family dwellings. A “multi-family” dwelling is defined in the Kitimat Municipal Code as “a dwelling containing three or more dwelling units”. Multi-family dwellings may be located in, or proposed for, the following residential zones:

  • R3-A: Multi-Family Residential (apartment or terrace);
  • R3-A1: Special Multi-Family Residential (terrace);
  • R4-A: Multi-Family Residential (boarding or rooming houses);
  • R4-B: Bed and Breakfast Inn Residential;
  • R5-A: Special Residential (welfare or rest homes);
  • R6-A: Special Residential (manufactured); and
  • R6-B: Mobile Home Parks

For more information on multi-family zoning and Development Permits, please contact the Community Planning and Development at (250) 632-8910.

How do I apply for a Development Permit?

Before applying for a Development Permit, we encourage a pre-meeting with DOK Planning Department staff. Pre-meetings provide a means to ask questions and discuss issues. Please call 632-8910 to book an appointment or e-mail

The remaining steps are simple. First, download an application form or pick one up from the DOK office at 270 City Centre. Regular business hours: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm, and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, closed Statutory Holidays (including Easter Monday).  Three forms are available: choose the one that fits your project:

Next, fill out the permit.  On the general form please check the box in section 1 to indicate you want a Development Permit. The current fee for a Development Permit application is $150. The application and fee payment may be sent by mail, e-mail or fax; or hand-delivered, to the DOK reception desk at 270 City Centre during regular business hours. Payment may be made by cash, personal cheque, debit card, MasterCard or Visa.  Payment by phone is possible.

Please note the requirement for elevation drawings and a site plan. At least one colour set of your proposal drawings, up to 11” x 17” in size, must be included with your application. A landscaping plan is required for any multi-family housing project, and should be included--if applicable--for other types of projects. Drawings are circulated to the Building, Engineering, and Fire Departments, as well as the Advisory Planning Commission, Kitimat Council, neighbourhood residents and property owners.

What happens next?

Once a permit application is received, it is reviewed by DOK Planning staff. It also may be circulated to outside agencies and interest groups. An introduction report is then prepared for Council consideration. You may speak to Council at this stage of the process. If Council decides to consider your application, the next step will be notifying your neighbours.

The application is forwarded to all neighbouring residents, property owners, and businesses within 90 metres of your development site. This is done by way of a “Notice to Neighbours”, an informative handout that outlines the proposed activity and invites public comment.

Applications for Development Permits are often referred to the Advisory Planning Commission (APC). The Advisory Planning Commission is a nine-member advisory board: seven members represent the community; the other two represent Kitimat Council and the School Board. The applicant and municipal staff may be consulted by APC Members before the Commission delivers a recommendation to Council.

After reviewing the application, report from the APC, and comments received from the public, the Municipal Manager prepares a report for consideration by Kitimat Council. Kitimat Council receives the Manager's report and makes a final decision. Permit applications are generally decided at a regular scheduled Council meeting. Development Permit applications are either granted, granted with conditions, or denied by Kitimat Council. A performance bond may be required to ensure landscaping or other elements of the project are completed as proposed.

Turn-around time for a Development Permit application is estimated to be 16 weeks or less. More complex or controversial applications may take longer, as more than one round of public comment may be required.

If you have questions about the Development Permit process, please contact Community Planning and Development at (250) 632-8910.