Zoning Amendment

There are 10 commercial zones and six industrial zones in Kitimat. Each of these zones allows a different mix of business activity. To find out what uses are permitted where, you will need to consult the current zoning map and the Kitimat Municipal Code.

Commercial Land Use

Commercial land in Kitimat is classified into 10 zones which each start with the letter 'C'. Most downtown sites are pre-zoned C1 City Centre which allows a wide range of commercial, retail and service land uses. A more limited range of commercial use is permitted on sites designated for Neighbourhood Shopping Areas or Local Stores. Specific personal service and retail use is also permitted in the M2-A Service Centre Commercial, which is an industrial zone.

Mixed residential-commercial use is permitted in City Centre. Residential units may be located above commercial floors. Private parking is required.

It would be unusual (but still possible) to need rezoning for commercial use of a City Centre property. If zoning is in place, you need a Business License. If you wish to install an exterior sign—or complete renovations—you must also have a Development Permit and Building Permit.

Industrial Land Use

Many greenfield and brownfield industrial sites in Kitimat are pre-zoned for industrial activity. Limited activity is permitted along Forest Avenue, east and north of the townsite; and at Minette Bay. Land in Service Centre is zoned to permit light industry, with an emphasis on automotive and industrial services. Selected personal service and retail use is also permitted.

Heavy manufacturing and port-related activity occurs primarily south of Service Centre. Raw land in this area is predominantly generally zoned M1 Manufacturing and G5-Forestry.

Industrial zone names start with the letter ‘M'. If the list of permitted uses in the current zone does not include your intended use, you may submit a zoning amendment request.

More Information and Amendment Forms

Regulations for individual commercial or industrial zones are available in the Kitimat Municipal Code. Please review Part 9, Division 5 and Division 6, and contact Community Planning & Development if you have questions. More information about zoning and the application process to amend zoning is provided in the Municipal Hall section of this website.