Leisure Services Advisory Commission

Mission Statement

‘It is the Goal of the Leisure Services Advisory Commission, through sound leadership, to represent the community and to keep Council informed of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities for the people of Kitimat.'

- Leisure Services Advisory Commission (LSAC)

Current LSAC Members


  • Colin Light, Acting Chair
  • Eve Normandin, Member
  • Winston Michell, Member
  • Bree-Ann Galbavy, Member
  • Mya Fois, Student Representative
  • Mario Feldhoff, Council Representative (Alternate - Edwin Empinado)
  • Margaret Warcup, School Board Representative (Alternate - Raymond Raj)

Activities of the Commission

  • Set goals in keeping with the wishes of the community and needs of leisure activities
  • Direct the general activities of the Leisure Services Department
  • Formulate policies and bylaws and recommend changes for Council consideration
  • Evaluate organizational performance and program results
  • Receive, consider, and approve staff reports
  • Motivate volunteers and inspire continuing action
  • Recommend fee schedule to Council
  • Recommend capital expenditures to Council for major items or initiatives (e.g., Leisure Master Plan, pool retrofit)

Role of the Commission

  • Receive input from the community
  • Make recommendations to Council
  • Give direction to the Leisure Services Department
  • Recommend major expenditures or policy changes that will make a significant and positive change in the Leisure Services Department direction or its operations
  • Implement policy for the betterment of the community and the achievement of Council's purpose and goals

Roles and Responsibilities of Commissioners

Commissioners are responsible for upholding Council policies. Primarily, the commission will recommend policies to Council to enable the Leisure Services Department to meet Council's purpose and goals. Policies are the rules which give concrete form to the intentions of the Council for operation of leisure facilities in the community.

Commissioners evaluate how the Leisure Services Department conducts business, including progress towards achievement of goals.

Commissioners will not have direct responsibility for operations and programs. Instead, they will recommend to Council and the Leisure Services Department how community leisure facilities should operate.

Commissioners should have, as far as is feasible, maximum involvement in all major decisions regarding Kitimat leisure. Commission meetings are open and community citizens and volunteer agencies are welcome to attend.

Commissioners are responsible to attend meetings, receive and study agenda material provided by the Leisure Services Department, disassociate all personal interests in making decisions, and defend the Commission against criticism.

Do you have a great idea, questions or would you like to pass some information along to the Leisure Services Advisory Commission?

If so follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Write down your idea, information or concern
  • Step 2 – Email it to recreation@kitimat.ca; or phone Theressa Rachao @ 250-632-8910; or mail

Leisure Services Advisory Commission
c/o District of Kitimat
270 City Centre
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2H7

  • Step 3 - Wait for a reply to your correspondence or telephone call.

Note: The Leisure Services Advisory Commission meets 5 times per year and not in the months of July and August, so follow up to your correspondence may not be immediate.

New Members

Are you interested in serving on the Kitimat LSAC? Please contact the Assistant to Chief Administrative Officer at 250-632-8900 to inquire further.