Climate Action

The District of Kitimat engaged the services of a consultant in 2011 to undertake a two-part "Climate Action" project.  Part A of this assignment was to prepare a business case analysis to determine if the District of Kitimat should consider signing the BC Climate Action Charter.  Part B was to prepare a list of candidate Official Community Plan (OCP) changes—specifically GHG emission targets for municipal operations—as required by the BC Local Government Act.

Council received Stantec Consulting Ltd's Part A report on December 3, 2012.  Kitimat Council committed the District of Kitimat to "making progress" towards becoming carbon neutral and decided to sign the BC Climate Action Charter. Once the Charter was signed, the District of Kitimat became eligible to receive Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) grants.

Stantec Consulting Ltd's Part B report—recommending changes to the OCP—was issued in mid-December 2012. These recommendations have since been incorporated into the OCP and are included under Section 4.3 - Maximize Livability. For more information about or to view the OCP, please click here. 

A public report, documenting carbon use for municipal operations in 2016, is available for review.

Past Reports:

2015 CARIP Final Report

2014 CARIP: survey and final report

2013 CARIP Final Report

2012 CARIP Final Report