Kitimat Townsite Report

The 1952 Kitimat Townsite Report by Clarence S. Stein is a wide ranging plan for the future development of Kitimat’s industrial area and townsite. The detail and degree of planning for impending growth make this report an invaluable document for past, present and future generations of Kitimat residents. 

Included in this report are original maps which provide the physical layout plan of the townsite. Many of the neighbourhoods, commercial and industrial centres we know in Kitimat today come from the original plan. 

The Townsite Report describes the rationale behind the walkways and green spaces that weave through Kitimat’s residential zones, and for the commercial nodes interspersed across the community. 

In July 2013, the District of Kitimat was awarded the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) Vision in Planning Award, recognizing the enduring quality of the community's original Master Plan. The award recognizes community plans that have achieved or exceeded their intended expectations and represent a significant contribution to planning heritage in Canada.

To achieve an accurate understanding of Kitimat’s growth, the Kitimat Townsite Report is a must read.