Official Community Plan

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a broad statement of community objectives, goals, and policies used to guide planning and land use management decisions. An OCP is also one of three fundamental elements—OCP, Annual Budget and Five Year Capital Plan—of local government direction in British Columbia. Plans can cover a neighbourhood, a community or an unincorporated settlement in a Regional District.

Kitimat's 2008 Official Community Plan was developed through visionary and collaborative processes that involved multiple stakeholders, business interests, community groups, and residents. The final product is a long term plan that reflects community desires for a 5-25 year horizon.

Adopted as a bylaw, this plan satisfies the content provisions of the BC Local Government Act. The OCP must be amended by bylaw if Council determines changes are required.

In 2017, the Community Planning & Development Department completed a report card for the 2016 calendar year, judging progress on completing goals established in the OCP.