Emergency Checklist

  1. Have a disaster survival kit ready and know how find it in the dark
  2. Have a family plan so everyone knows and practices:
    • What to do in an emergency
    • Where to meet if separated
    • Who collects kids from school or daycare
    3.   Secure all heavy appliances and furniture
    4.   Ensure that your water tank(s) are properly secured
    5.   Reinforce your chimney, if you have one
    6.   Have a second source of heat that can work off the grid
    7.   Get to know your neighbours, and make arrangements to help each other in an emergency
    8.   Be ready to evacuate your home if necessary with:
    • Your disaster survival kit(s)
    • Important family documents
    • Clothing and sleeping supplies
    • Washing and hygiene needs
    • Special needs bag, (medicine, baby supplies, et cetera)
    • Your family pet and pet supplies
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