Engineering Services

The Engineering Services department includes Public Works operations, Building Inspection and Bylaw Enforcement functions, and technical services for major projects. The department employs over forty regular full time employees, with additional casual and temporary employees hired in the summer and winter periods to assist with peak workloads


  • Maintenance and replacement of signage, street and traffic lights, roads, walkways, parking lots, bridges and snow clearing.
  • Water supply and distribution
  • Sewage collection and disposal
  • Turf maintenance
  • Cemetery operations
  • Maintenance of public buildings and grounds
  • Building inspection and bylaw enforcement
  • Design and contract administration for municipal projects
  • Administrative duties related to local and provincial legislation
  • Residential refuse collection and landfill operations by contract
  • Subdivision approval

These services are provided at low cost to the taxpayer. The water, sewer, and refuse services in particular are delivered at considerably less cost per household than any of the other utilities.