Tax Rates

Property taxes are calculated through a joint provincial/municipal process that involves the actual value of property and the municipal tax rate.

Market Value x Tax Rate = Property Tax

Actual Value – BC Assessment establishes and maintains uniform real property assessments throughout British Columbia in accordance with the Assessment Act. The Act requires that BC Assessment produce annual rolls with assessments at actual value.

Tax Rate – Tax authorities, such as provincial and municipal governments, school and hospital boards, and regional districts, develop an annual budget to determine how much money will be needed to meet expenses in their jurisdiction. Each authority then divides the revenue figure by the total assessed value of all properties in their jurisdiction to arrive at a tax rate.

The District of Kitimat collects and distributes revenue to the tax authorities noted above. The amount being collected on behalf of each organization is shown on your property tax statement.

Note: A rise in assessed value does not always translate to higher property tax.  An assessment increase will mean higher taxes only on those parcels whose increase in property value (%) exceeds the community average.  Property taxes will drop for any property that increased in value at a below-average rate.

For current tax rate information, please refer to the downloads section on the main Finance Department page.

Commercial Zone Revitalization Tax Exemption Program

In an effort to rejuvenate commercial areas, Kitimat Council recently passed a bylaw providing tax exemption on improvements to "Class 6" buildings. The Commercial Zone Revitalization Tax Exemption Program encourages new construction, enhancement and beautification by offering a five-year tax exemption on the increase in assessed value to a maximum of $2,000,000. 

Eligibility is determined by location, assessment classification, type and value of construction. Projects within Kitimat's Revitalization Areas, which are "Class 6" improvements with a minimum construction value of $50,000, should qualify. "Class 6" is a term used by BC Assessment. Offices, retail stores, warehouses, hotels and motels all fall within this category. For an existing building, $25,000 or more must be spent on exterior improvements. Temporary buildings or structures will not be eligible. See a sample Tax Exemption Agreement for more information.

Property owners can apply by filing an application with Community Planning & Development. Department staff will receive applications and refer supporting documents to the License Inspector. Once eligibility is confirmed, a report and draft agreement are sent to Council for approval. Once approved, an agreement between the commercial property owner and the District of Kitimat is signed, and a Tax Exemption Certificate is issued.  A copy of the certificate is sent to BC Assessment. BC Assessment will determine what improvements will be exempt from tax for the next five years.

If you would like more information about the Revitalization Tax Exemption Program please contact Dustin Rutsatz at 250-632-8911 or Community Planning & Development at 250-632-8910.