Safety Information

Fire Safety

Ten tips for fire safety:

  1. Install smoke alarms
  2. Plan your escape from fire
  3. Ensure all smoking materials are disposed of safely
  4. Give space heaters space
  5. Safety in the kitchen
  6. Matches and lighter safety
  7. Use electricity safely
  8. Cool a burn
  9. Crawl low under smoke
  10. Stop, drop and roll

More fire safety information is available at the following websites:


Wildfire Safety

In British Columbia, 48% of wildfires are caused by humans and 52% are caused by lightning strikes.  These wildfires burn large areas of our province every year. 

The FireSmart Manual provides information on how to protect your home from wildfires. 

Report any wildfires to 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on your cell phone. 


Earthquake & Tsunami Safety

The coast of British Columbia is considered to be a high risk earthquake zone.  Being prepared is the first step to survival in the event of an earthquake or tsunami.

Tips to help you and your family:

  • Drop, Cover and Hold On!
  • Practice by participating in the Great British Columbia ShakeOut.
  • Go to high ground and stay there.
  • Anticipate aftershocks.
  • Never go to the coast to watch a tsunami.
  • Do not go to the water if you see it recede - this could be an indicator of a tsunami.
  • Tsunamis move much faster than a person can run, move to high ground immediately.

The Earthquake and Tsunami Smart Manual contains more information and tips to stay safe during an earthquake or tsunami. 


Backyard Fire Pits

In the past, Kitimat Fire and Ambulance Service responded to complaints about outdoor fires which were started in a variety of different configurations ranging from grass piles to outdoor brick fireplaces.  Until 2009, the Kitimat Fire Department requested all fires that were not from approved barbecues, be extinguished.

Backyard fire pits are permitted within the municipal boundaries of the District of Kitimat.

Backyard fire pit regulations (Part 5, Division 2 of the Kitimat Municipal Codeare as follows:

  • Fires must be contained within a non-combustible receptacle constructed of cement, brick or metal and shall be no more than 1 meter in diameter.
  • In Cablecar, Strawberry Meadows and on Kitamaat Village Road properties, fire pits shall be no more than 1.5 meters in diameter. 
  • Fire pits must be a minimum of 3 meters from any dwelling, structure, fence or standing timber.
  • Only cut, seasoned wood, charcoal or commercially fabricated fireplace logs shall be burned in a fire pit.
  • All fires must be supervised by an adult at all times and extinguishment capabilities must be within the immediate vicinity of the fire pit.
  • Fires are to be extinguished immediately if they are causing "an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of another person's property".
  • Fires will be prohibited in fire pits when the Kitimat Fire Department or the Ministry of Forests has issued a "fire ban" for our area and will not be permitted until the ban has been lifted.
  • Fires must be extinguished immediately if a member of Kitimat Fire and Ambulance Service, RCMP or Bylaw Enforcement has directed you to do so.

The following items are not permitted to be burned in open fires within Kitimat city limits:

  • Rubbish
  • Garden refuse
  • Plastics
  • Any materials that will result in the production of dense, black smoke including:

              - Insulation from electrical wiring or equipment.

              - Asphalt roofing materials.

              - Hydrocarbons, plastics, rubber materials or creosoted wood.

              - Any material which will generate a foul odor.

              - Any material classified as a dangerous good.

Residents must use common sense to ensure the safety of our community.  Please check with the Kitimat Fire Department periodically during extreme heat and dry conditions to ensure a fire ban is not in effect.

Please contact Kitimat Fire & Ambulance Service at 250-632-8940 if you have any questions regarding backyard fire pits.