The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is Canada's national police service and reports to the Federal Minister of Public Safety.  The RCMP provide policing service to the District of Kitimat under contract.
The RCMP detachment has eighteen regular members and two auxiliary officers.  They are complimented by five full-time municipal support staff, victim services, and part-time and casual employees.  This combined with a host of community volunteers accounts for the related human resources.
The detachment utilizes eight police vehicles and a patrol vessel in carrying out its duties related to contributing to safe homes and safe communities in Kitimat and the surrounding area.
Once a month Kitimat's monthly police report is included in Kitimat Council's Regular Meeting package.  All of Council's meeting packages are available to view here.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police
888 Lahakas Blvd
Kitimat, BC  V8C 2H9

Ph: 911 (Emergency calls only)
Ph: 250-632-7111 (Non-emergency calls)