Public Notices

Temporary Use Permit - Daudet Creek Contracting

Daudet Creek Contracting Ltd. has submitted an application for a Temporary Use Permit to open and operate a 36.38 ha quarry and borrow pit on lands described as a portion of DL 6183 and 6165 Range 5 Coast District. A Temporary Use Permit is required to authorize the proposed industrial use in the G-5 Forestry zone.

The applicants are seeking a permit valid for the maximum three-year term allowed by the BC Local Government Act.  Renewal for a second three-year term in year +3 would require Council approval. It is possible Council may consider a renewal request without a second notice to area residents.

Where is it?

Proposed location is on Provincial Crown land, east of Highway 37 between Hirsch Creek Park and Cable Car Neighbourhood. The northern most point of the application area is approximately 1.6 km south of Oolichan Avenue.

Need More Information?

The application, Council resolution, staff report, public comment received, and other background material is available for review at the District of Kitimat reception desk, 270 City Centre, 8:30 am - noon and 1:00 - 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays. Further inquiries should be directed to Community Planning & Development at 250-632-8900.

How to Provide Comment

Anyone wishing to comment on this issue may provide comment by email to; fax 250-632-4995; or by letter to Mayor & Council c/o 270 City Centre, V8C 2H7.  Comments regarding the application must be received before 8:30 am on Wednesday, 1 November 2017 to be included in the report to Mayor & Council. Submissions received by email after this deadline but before 4:30 pm on Monday, 6 November 2017 will be read before Council at the Public Hearing. You may also speak in person, or deliver written comment, at the Council meeting: Monday, 6 November, 2017 at 7:30 pm at Council Chambers, 606 Mountainview Square.

Notice of Intention to Dispose of Interest in Municipal Property - Public Notice

Take notice that Kitimat Council intends to grant the following:

293 City Centre Lease to Kitimat Museum & Archives (Society #8205)

A lease to continue occupation of this land by the Kitimat Museum & Archives for purposes of operating a community museum is under consideration by Kitimat Council.  Term of lease is eleven years.  Consideration to be received by the District in return for this agreement includes annual lease payment of $31,800 and continued museum operation and maintenance.

A copy of the draft lease is available for review at the District of Kitimat, 270 City Centre.  Office hours are 8:30am-noon, and 1-4:30pm Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).  To comment on this application, or to request more information:  please email; call Community Planning & Development at 250-632-8910; or visit or mail the District of Kitimat, 270 City Centre, Kitimat, BC, V8C 2H7.  Written comment will be accepted until noon on Thursday, 5 October 2017. 

Municipal Liability Insurance Claims - Public Notice

Section 288 of the BC Local Government Act states that a municipality is not liable in any action based on nuisance (or on the rule in the Rylands v. Fletcher case) if the damages arise, directly or indirectly, out of the breakdown or malfunction of: a sewer system; a water or drainage facility or system; a dyke or a road.  Residents are cautioned to take steps to protect their property and are strongly urged to review their insurance policy with their individual broker. 

Nuisance damage could be, for example, a basement floor being covered by backed-up sewage or by several centimeters of water stemming from a drainage system being blocked by yard refuse dumped in a municipal ditch.  Each home owner or resident is responsible to ensure they have adequate coverage against nuisance damage.