Tamitik Arena & Kitimat Ice Rink

Kitimat boasts two ice rinks which collectively extend the ice sports season to nine months. Ice is available for user groups or ad-hoc renters generally from the middle of August until mid to late April. Call the Arena Coordinator at 250-632-8955 to enquire. 

Tamitik Info • Arena Features
Kitimat Ice Rink (KIR) Info • Arena Features


Skate Rentals: $1 per pair. Rentals available for all public sessions. Skates sanitized after use.
*Schedules subject to change or cancellation.


Administration Centre:

Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am to 9 pm

Fridays, 8:30 am to 8:30 pm

Saturdays, 1 pm to 8:30 pm

Sundays, 1 pm to 9 pm

*except long weekends

Statutory Holidays no sessions, but private rentals are available.
*Weekday and weekend ice times may change due to tournament or special events.
Fees See Public Admission Fees
Contact Tamitik Arena Located at: 400 City Centre

Kitimat Ice Rink Located at: 391 City Centre

Ph: 250-632-8955
Fax: 250-632-3668
E-mail: recreation@kitimat.ca

Mailing Address:

Tamitik Arena or Kitimat Ice Rink
c/o District of Kitimat
270 City Centre

Kitimat BC V8C 2H7


Facility Rentals

To book an ice surface and/or room at Tamitik Jubilee Sports Complex or Kitimat Ice Rink, please call 250-632-8955.

  • Tamitik/KIR Fee Schedule
  • Ice Rental Rates (Adult/Youth)
  • Ice Rental Rates for Non-Residents
  • High Performance Athlete Program Ice Time
  • Special Events, Ice Shows
  • Net Pegging
  • Summer Rental Rates - Non-Ice Activities
  • Shows / Concerts
  • Senior, Intermediate, or Junior Hockey
  • Tamitik Meeting Room Rental Rates
Tamitik Floor Plan(s) Kitimat Ice Rink (KIR, Old Arena)
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Tamitik Arena
Tamitik Arena offers a 27m x 61m ice surface, five dressing rooms, seating for 1,977 persons and standing room for 400, concession, two meeting rooms, and a large multi-function lobby. In the off-ice season, the cement floor of Tamitik Arena hosts indoor soccer, roller hockey, concerts and special events. Tamitik Arena has a large upper concourse which extends around the seating area. The concourse is well-used by the many people who attend the daily walking programs.


Kitimat Ice Rink (KIR)

Kitimat Ice Rink offers a 26m x 58m ice surface, five dressing rooms, and seating for 600 persons. The Ice Rink hosts public skating and seasonal shinny programs.