Tamitik Arena & Kitimat Ice Rink

Kitimat boasts two ice rinks which collectively extend the ice sports season to nine months. Ice is available for user groups or ad-hoc renters generally from mid-August until mid - or late-April.

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Remember to pay at the front desk before going on any ice

No sessions Dec. 24, 25, 26, Jan. 1. All public programs cancelled.
private rentals are available, call the Ice Coordinator for more info at 250-632-8955


Tamitik Info • Arena Features
Kitimat Ice Rink (KIR) Info • Arena Features


Skate Rentals: $1 per pair. Rentals available for all public sessions. Skates sanitized after use.
*Schedules subject to change or cancellation.


Administration Centre:

Mon-Fri 8:30am to 9:30pm
Sat and Sun 1:00pm to 4pm and 5:30pm to 9:30pm

*except long weekends

Statutory Holidays no sessions, but private rentals are available.
*Weekday and weekend ice times may change due to tournament or special events.
Fees See Public Admission Fees
Contact Tamitik Arena Located at: 400 City Centre

Kitimat Ice Rink Located at: 391 City Centre

Ph: 250-632-8955
Fax: 250-632-3668
E-mail: recreation@kitimat.ca

Mailing Address:

Tamitik Arena or Kitimat Ice Rink
c/o District of Kitimat
270 City Centre

Kitimat BC V8C 2H7


Facility Rentals

To book an ice surface and/or room at Tamitik Jubilee Sports Complex or Kitimat Ice Rink, please call 250-632-8955.

  • Tamitik/KIR Fee Schedule
  • Ice Rental Rates (Adult/Youth)
  • Ice Rental Rates for Non-Residents
  • High Performance Athlete Program Ice Time
  • Special Events, Ice Shows
  • Net Pegging
  • Summer Rental Rates - Non-Ice Activities
  • Shows / Concerts
  • Senior, Intermediate, or Junior Hockey
  • Tamitik Meeting Room Rental Rates
Tamitik Floor Plan(s) Kitimat Ice Rink (KIR, Old Arena)
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Tamitik Arena
Tamitik Arena offers a 27m x 61m ice surface, five dressing rooms, seating for 1,977 persons and standing room for 400, concession, two meeting rooms, and a large multi-function lobby. In the off-ice season, the cement floor of Tamitik Arena hosts indoor soccer, roller hockey, concerts and special events. Tamitik Arena has a large upper concourse which extends around the seating area. The concourse is well-used by the many people who attend the daily walking programs.


Kitimat Ice Rink (KIR)

Kitimat Ice Rink offers a 26m x 58m ice surface, five dressing rooms, and seating for 600 persons. The Ice Rink hosts public skating and seasonal shinny programs.