Event Application Process

I.  To apply for a Special Occasion Licence (SOL) for an event on Municipal property, a letter of approval from the District is required in advance. To receive a letter of approval, Event Organizers must contact the appropriate Facility Manager. The following information must be provided to the Municipality:

  • Event Sponsor;
  • Name and Contact Information of Event Organizer;
  • Date, time and location of proposed event;
  • Brief description of the proposed event;
  • How many people will be attending the event;
  • What type of alcohol will be provided at the event.

II.    Once permission is granted from the Municipality, applicants may apply for a SOL through the Government Liquor Store;

III.    Permission for SOL may also be required from the RCMP. Ask the manager of the Government Liquor store for approvals required for SOL. The RCMP may place additional restrictions on, or alter the terms and conditions that apply to the SOL should they identify potential enforcement concerns;

IV.    Liability insurance must be purchased for the event. Private Special Events must have a minimum of $2 million in coverage and Public Special Events must have $5 million, unless otherwise specified by the District of Kitimat.

V.    An approved Safe Ride Home and Security plan  for the event must be submitted to the appropriate facility manager;

VI.    The Event Organizer must sign the MAP agreement form to verify that they have received, read, understand and will strictly observe and ensure compliance with MAP controls and policy regulations;

VII.    Event Organizers must meet the timelines outlined in Section 7 of this MAP. Failure to provide required information within the stated timeframe will result in the termination of the event application. The following documentation and one copy must be provided to the appropriate Facility Manager, at least 7 business days prior to the event:

  • Special Occasion Licence, with copy of liquor purchase receipt;
  • List of Serving it Right certified servers at the event, along with a photocopy of the Serving It Right certificates or certification numbers of servers, bartenders and Event Host;
  • Original documentation of proof of insurance in accordance with criteria outlined in section 8.2;
  • Primary Security contacts name and contact information. This must also be submitted to the RCMP;
  • Security Plan as outlined in Section 8.4;
  • Safe Ride Home Plan as outlined in Section 9.4;
  • Completed and signed MAP agreement form as provided in Appendix C.