MAP Event Planning and Management Guidelines

A well-planned event will be more enjoyable for everyone. The following steps will assist in event preparation, planning, management and MAP compliance:

I.    Obtain a copy of the MAP and an Event Organizer Checklist from the Manager or staff of the facility where your event will be located;

II.    Understand your role and responsibilities as the Event Organizer;

III.    Recruit enough event workers to meet the guest to event worker ratio;

IV.    Obtain Serving it Right certifications for the Event Organizer, Managers, and paid service staff

V.    Ensure that Event Workers are properly trained, and the appropriate Security and Safe Ride Home Plans are in place;

VI.    Ensure your event meets the conditions for the use of alcohol on Municipal property;

VII.    Follow the health and safety oriented guidelines regarding Bar Rules;

VIII.    Post appropriate signage at the event.