Leisure services and opportunities in Kitimat are provided by a variety of community clubs and groups, privately operated organizations, business and tax-supported agencies.  For its part, the Leisure Services Department employs a staff of over 25 regular and approximately 30 part-time employees as well as 80 to 100 contract instructors to provide some of the many leisure opportunities that enhance the quality of life in our community.  Some of the services provided by the District of Kitimat, either solely or in cooperation with other departments or organizations, include the maintenance, scheduling, staffing and programming of the following community Leisure Services facilities:

Leisure opportunities abound throughout the community.  Developed sport and recreation sites include:

Some of the Leisure Services Department’s other services are:

  • Programming and organizational assistance to community groups and associations
  • Office and advertising assistance to community and Leisure Services groups
  • Leadership development in summer student employment opportunities
  • Rental of meeting rooms and banquet facilities
  • Coordination of community use of sports fields (Leisure Services Department and School Board fields) and park picnic sites
  • Disabled fishing location on Kitimat River at Methanex pump house
  • Riverbank fishing program
  • Big spruce, one of the largest spruce trees in BC
  • Program for trees adjacent public and private properties

The above facilities and services represent a brief outline of many opportunities provided by the District of Kitimat for and with the citizens of Kitimat.