Northwest Invasive Plant Council

Northwest Invasive Plant Council

The Northwest Invasive Plant Council (NWIPC) was established in 1992 to resolve issues and coordinate invasive plant management programs in Northwest BC. The Council is made up of agencies, organizations and individuals that carry out invasive plant programs or have an interest in these programs.

NWIPC provides support and coordination for those involved in various aspects of invasive plant management including awareness, inventory, treatment and assessment. NWIPC also uses resources pooled by member organizations to conduct on-the-ground management and treatment of invasive plants.

Each year, the Council reviews and updates a plan and profile for Northwest BC. The plan provides a regional management plan that prioritizes invasive plants, and outlines actions to effectively manage species based on the principal that weeds know no boundaries. The plan is developed with the input of all NWIPC stakeholders and member organizations.

Operating Principles of the NWIPC:

  • Encourage the public to report invasive plant sightings.
  • Inform the public about invasive plant programs so they can provide comment.
  • Develop and maintain a shared invasive plant inventory.
  • Assess problems and threats that various invasive plants present to the environment and economy of the area.
  • Categorize invasive plants and prioritize sites for control.
  • Prevent the establishment of invasive plants not currently in the region. Prevent or minimize the spread of invasive plants present in the region.
  • Conduct invasive plant management programs in northwest and central BC using Integrated Pest Management principles as described in the Invasive Plant Strategy for BC.
  • Encourage all landowners, agencies and organizations operating in northwest and central BC to develop and implement invasive plant management programs.
  • Manage and coordinate the activities and responsibilities of the various agencies and private landowners to ensure NWIPC goals are met.

For more information on the Northwest Invasive Plant Council, please visit their website.

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