Tree Canada

Tree Canada

Tree Canada is a charitable organization that partners with local volunteers to improve quality of life by planting and caring for trees. In your neighborhoods, schoolyards, parks and in the countryside, Tree Canada leaves a living, breathing legacy for generations to come.

Established in 1992, with a mandate to: "provide leadership and promote public awareness, education and community action for the planting and caring of trees across the country", Tree Canada sees a future in which Canadians appreciate and understand the economic and environmental value of trees and, as a result, get personally involved in planting and caring for trees in communities across the country.

Trees clearly do their part. Trees act as "the lungs of the earth" and purify the air we breathe; help reduce the effects of global warming by "filtering" carbon dioxide emissions and storing carbon in their biomass; improve the aesthetics of urban areas, vacant lands and recreational sites; protect farms and watersheds against wind damage and soil erosion; create and enhance wildlife habitats; and conserve energy by reducing heating and cooling costs in residential areas.

In order to realize our vision, the Foundation has the following objectives: facilitate planting and caring for trees throughout urban and rural Canada; educate Canadians about the benefits of planting and caring for trees; assist interested parties in implementing a wide range of self-sustaining tree planting and educational initiatives; and encourage corporations, communities and individuals to participate in the program.

District of Kitimat and Tree Canada Partnership

The District of Kitimat, since 2006, has been progressing on its long term goal to enhance community streetscapes by planting deciduous trees. In 2008 the District of Kitimat received a $6,000 grant from Tree Canada, through their partner BC Hydro, to partly offset the costs of a tree-planting program for boulevards along major streets.

In conjunction with funding from the District of Kitimat the grant was used to complete a project to plant trees along Haisla Boulevard and to plant tress at the intersection of Haisla Boulevard and Lahakas Boulevard. Twenty trees were planted in 2008. Funding provided covered the costs of trees, installation and a maintenance agreement.

Continual planting of a variety of trees in the community helps beautify Kitimat, adding colour and interest to the natural green spaces that exist throughout the community. Acer Crimson King (Red Maple), Acer Drummondii (Variegated Maple) and Trilla Cordata (Linden) were planted in 2008. All three species are well-suited to Kitimat's climate, and provide spectacular fall colour as well as summer shade.

Benefits of Tree Planting

The planting of trees has several benefits to the community:


Trees remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air. As trees grow they store carbon dioxide removed from the environment. They also reduce low ground ozone levels in the community. Over the long-term trees provide urban habitat for song birds and other wildlife.

The trees will dampen noise pollution from vehicles that travel along adjacent streets. They will also absorb the sound created by trucks and large vehicles so that it does not travel through residential areas.


Being around trees makes people feel good. Adding trees to a neighborhood improves the mental and physical health of residents by raising satisfaction of neighborhood life and creating pleasant views. Adding trees helps build community pride by improving beauty and raising the level of resident satisfaction.

Planting trees is a simple way of improving community sustainability. Creating a green space environment and beautiful outdoor places will promote active living. Walking or biking along a tree-lined walkway can be a more pleasant and relaxing experience than driving. Nice outdoor environments are a place to meet and greet neighbours and friends and also encourage participation in outdoor activities.


Improved environmental beauty is a catalyst for tourism and can attract business. Potential buyers are more likely to invest in a neighbourhood or a community that looks good and feels good. Beautification of an area can increase property values.