Sport Hero Awards 2011

Community Sport Hero® Awards presented by Encana

Carey Summerfelt – Sport BC Rep and Presenter

Awarding Sports Hero AwardsThe Community Sport Hero® Awards presented by Encana honour outstanding sport volunteers in communities across British Columbia. Founded in 2001, this prestigious award recognizes coaches, officials, mentors and administrators who have dedicated themselves to growing and developing amateur sport at the community level. The dedication and leadership of these individuals has allowed athletes and communities to grow and shape sport in British Columbia, and inspired others to become involved in sport.

The following Kitimat volunteers were recognized on Wednesday September 14, 2011 in a ceremony held at Riverlodge Recreation Centre.

Don Markwart – Softball

Don Markwart Recipient of Sports Hero AwardThe success of Softball events in the Kitimat region have been due to Don's availability, knowledge and passion for the sport.  Don coaches, umpires, organizes and oversees everything that goes on regarding Softball in the area.  Registration has grown significantly here thanks to Don's determination to keep softball alive.

Don has coached teams of all ages and has participated in Provincial championships and BC Summer Games. Don is an instrumental member of Softball BC and a worthy recipient of the Community Sport Hero Award.

Mark Roberge – Hockey

Mark Roberge recipient of Sports Hero AwardMark is a huge supporter of Female Hockey; he has volunteered for over ten years and put in countless hours encouraging and mentoring athletes.  Mark is involved in the Female High Performance Program with BC Hockey and has been instrumental in the running U-12/14/16/ and U-18 camps.

Mark has helped keep many teenage girls in the Northwest interested in competing at a high level of hockey and to excel in the sport.  He has taught his athletes strong leadership and life skills, and proper fitness and nutrition practices, and helped each to become an amazing young woman.  Mark is a very deserving candidate: he has been a positive influence and impacted many lives. Mark is a Community Sport Hero.

Clint Marshall – Baseball (no photo)

In nominating Clint Marshall, Darryl Craft stated "I've known Clint for 30 years, and coached with him for over ten years, he is a guy who is full of commitment and passion [for baseball]". Clint has spent many hours coaching kids and teaching each one how to have fun playing ball (even during our off-season gym sessions). We all know how important it is to keep kids healthy but what Clint has learned is that it is equally important for kids to have a great time.  It's the fun which keeps our players coming back.

Fastball had been inactive for many years until Clint and his wife Dawn got it going again all on their own.  Clint has put Kitimat on the map with his coaching, which led to our many championships over the years.  Kitimat was also honoured to name a ball field after Clint as a thank you for all his efforts. Clint is a well-respected citizen of Kitimat and very deserving of this Community Sport Hero award.

Rena Hummel – Skating

Rena Hummel recipient of sports hero awardRena has been helping Snow Valley Skating Club for over 35 years; she is an outstanding volunteer announcer. Rena began volunteering with the club when her children were skating, and stayed on after her children left the sport to announce at events or do whatever else was needed.  Once her grandchildren joined the club she became even more involved. Rena's grandchildren are now playing hockey but she is STILL selflessly volunteering with the skating club.

Rena schedules her vacation to make sure she is available when the club needs her to do announcing. She is an amazing volunteer and the club would be lost without her. Rena has a heart of gold and expects nothing for her service.  This award is a perfect way to say thank you.  Rena is a true Community Sport Hero.