Message from Leisure Services Advisory Commission

The Leisure Services Advisory Commission  is a small group of community members, approved by Mayor and Council, to advise our community leadership on matters relating to the delivery and availability of leisure opportunities in our community. 

When I began working in the, then named Kitimat Recreation Department, in 1980, I was introduced to working, as a staff member, with Advisory Recreation Commissions at that time. Through those Commissions, over the ten years I worked within the department, I met many dedicated community members who gave much thought to the direction that Leisure Services would go in this community. I am very pleased to observe that same level of dedication from the community members on the current Commission this many years later!

With the fall program offerings of the Leisure Services Department about to start, it is an appropriate time to point out what the department is working on.

Let us begin with an initiative which was the direct result of one of the Commission’s former members.   A student commission member advocated for the creation of a ladies change room for hockey players and figure skaters in the Tamitik Jubilee Sports Complex Arena.

Next year Canada celebrates its 150th birthday and the Leisure Services Department and volunteers are already hard at work on special activities to celebrate our nation’s most significant birthday to date. Short of being in Ottawa for the birthday, I am sure that our citizens will revel in the celebration here at home! 

The beautification of our community stems from the hard work and persistence of our community gardening crew, a part of the Leisure Services Department. They do a fantastic job of beautifying our community.

The Leisure Services Department is continuing the program to keep invasive species of plants at bay in our community. This is a partnership program, in the fifth year, between the District of Kitimat and the Northwest Invasive Plant Council. 

As a community, we are ideally located to take advantage of leisure activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing. The campers using our Radley Park facility now have new washroom and shower facilities to help make their stay that much more pleasant. 

Another major initiative upcoming is an update of the Official Community Plan and, as part of this plan, the Leisure Services Department will be updating the department’s Master Plan. Your input on this initiative will be welcomed once the project begins.

Finally, a most exciting project for the community has presented itself in the donation of waterfront land in Minette Bay. The Minette Bay Concept Plan is being spearheaded by the District Community Planning and Development Department. Your thoughts about what should exist for outdoor and leisure facilities and activities will be asked for through an extensive consultation process over the next number of months! 

So how can you help? Any dedicated member of the Leisure Services Department or the Advisory Commission would love to hear your thoughts. If you would like to learn more about the Leisure Services Advisory Commission, contact Theressa Rachao at 250-632-8910.



Cliff Yolland
Chair, Leisure Services Advisory Commission