Statement of Objectives

  1. The provision of basic leisure services at a reasonable cost to anyone desiring programs or the use of facilities for which taxes have been and are being used.
  2. The concept of pluralism is adopted whereby it is recognized that individuals and groups with different and varying backgrounds will desire various forms of leisure services.
  3. The right of citizens to participate in leisure pursuits of their choice is recognized. That fact notwithstanding, it is the view of the District of Kitimat that there is a hierarchy of leisure pursuits whereby certain pursuits are of greater value to the individual and the community than others might be. In line with this view, the DOK is committed to encourage broad participatory opportunities and since participation is considered as having a higher value than spectatorship, individual and group participation in leisure programs will be promoted and encouraged.
  4. Any services provided which may be considered to be over and above the basic leisure services will be provided only on the basis of a proportionately greater input on the part of the participant.
  5. Commercial enterprises shall not be allowed to profit at the expense of the taxpayer while using District of Kitimat facilities and resources.
  6. Competition with the private sector will be avoided, except where the private sector chooses to offer what is considered to be a basic leisure service.
  7. The value of programs or services provided by the District of Kitimat shall not be determined solely by the amount of revenue produced or by the number of participants involved.
  8. The cost of administering the collection of revenue shall not be disproportionate to the revenue which accrues or the advantage gained.
  9. In order to allow the fullest and most economical use of the District of Kitimat's facilities, no group or individual shall be given exclusive rental of any room or facility for an extended period of time.
  10. In carrying out its responsibility, the DOK continually strives for improvement and thus constant analysis and assessment of programs and facilities will take place to assure changing needs are assessed and met as required.
  11. The District of Kitimat will seek communication and cooperation with all public, quasi-public and private leisure delivery and related agencies to ensure that comprehensive coordinated and integrated systems of leisure services and programs are affected.