Animal Control

Animal Control Enforcement Services are provided on contract by the Kitimat Community Humane Society (KCHS).

KCHS provides the following services:

  • Acts as Bylaw Enforcement Officer for Animal Control regulations (Part 5, Division 5 of the Kitimat Municipal Code)
  • Conducts regular patrols throughout the community
  • Impounds animals running at large
  • Acts as Poundkeeper at the animal shelter
  • Opens the animal shelter to the public on weekdays 1pm - 5pm and Saturdays 1pm - 4pm
  • Sells dog licences on behalf of the District of Kitimat
  • Provides animal humane services in the community including lost and found, adoption, and education

Questions or concerns regarding animal control can be forwarded to KCHS at 250-632-7373.

Note:  All dogs in Kitimat must have a dog licence.
           Dogs are not permitted to run at large.
           When walking a dog, it must be under your care and control at all times.

Be a Good Pet Owner - Scoop that Poop!

In an effort to keep the community clean and enjoyable for all its citizens, the District of Kitimat would like to remind residents it is a bylaw offence to leave any dog feces on the ground unless it occurs on the property of the owner or person otherwise in charge of the dog.  To make it easier for people to comply, garbage bins and pick-up bags are located throughout the community.

Part 5, Division 5, Subdivision 5 of the Kitimat Municipal Code states:

3. The owner or person in charge of any animal shall remove immediately any feces defecated by the animal from any private residential or commercial property unless the property is owned by the owner or person in charge of the animal, and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

4. The owner or person in charge of any animal shall remove immediately any feces deposited by the animal from publicly accessible areas of City Centre, Service Centre, Kildala Neighbourhood, Whitesail Neighbourhood, and Nechako Neighbourhood, and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

Failure to comply with these regulations could result in a $50 fine as specified under Part 1, Division 3 of the Kitimat Municipal Code.

A cleaner community is a nicer community for all.  Please help keep Kitimat clean.