Zoning & Planning

There are almost 40 different land use zones in Kitimat, with each allowing for a different mix of land uses or a specific form of development. Zoning establishes "ground rules" for development which reflect an expected neighbourhood or community standard. Zoning also identifies sites for future institutional or multi-family development to ensure that schools and churches can be built close to the people who need access, and our housing supply can change over time to address new community needs.


There are currently twelve residential zones in Kitimat. Each residential zone name begins with the letter ‘R', and each zone allows one or more forms of residential construction. In the R2-A Zone, for example, the principal building must be a detached dwelling with either one or two dwelling units.

In the R1-A Zone, the principal building must be a detached single-family dwelling.


In the R5-A Zone, one or more special-use buildings are permitted. Kiwanis Village and Delta King Place fall into this zoning category.


In the R2-C Zone, dwellings may be connected with a party wall which is built at property line.



There are four greenbelt zones where a dwelling must be the principal use.

Most of Cable Car neighbourhood and Strawberry Meadows subdivision, and all the small holding properties on Kuldo Boulevard and Kitamaat Village Road are in one of these four zones.

There are five greenbelt zones where a dwelling may be permitted as an accessory use or a principal use. These zones allow a variety of uses: including churches, schools and other institutions; parks; recreation facilities; rural resorts; and forestry operations. Areas which are known to be environmentally sensitive (G6-A Zone) and parks are the only greenbelt zones where residential use is not permitted.

More Information and Amendment Forms

To find out what land uses and structures are permitted on a specific property you will need to look at the current zoning map and the Kitimat Municipal Code. Use the map to find out what zone or zones are in effect on the property which interests you. Each zone is identified with a different colour. The map key lists the zone name and number associated with each colour.

Regulations for individual zones are available in the Kitimat Municipal Code. Please review general regulations for the appropriate zone category (Subdivision 1 of Divisions 4-7) as well as regulations for the specific zone.

Please see our definitions which will help you understand land use regulations.

More information about zoning, a zoning amendment application, and general development processes is provided in the Municipal Hall section of this site.

If you cannot find answers to all your questions on this site, please contact Community Planning & Development at 250-632-8910.