Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Administration (270 City Centre)
Warren Waycheshen Chief Administrative Officer 250-632-8916 email
Tracy Tavares Assistant to Chief Administrative Officer 250-632-8920 email
Debbie Godfrey Deputy Chief Administrative Officer 250-632-8915 email
Ethan Anderson Deputy Director of Corporate Administration 250-632-8900 email
Bev Gibaldi Human Resources Manager 250-632-8914 email
Paul Mitchell Information Systems Coordinator 250-632-8900 email
Building Department (270 City Centre)
Office 250-632-8900
Community Planning & Development (270 City Centre)
Gwendolyn Sewell, MCIP RPP Director 250-632-8912 email
Ryan Beaudry Planner 250-632-8900 email
Morganne Williams Planning Assistant 250-632-8900 email
Theressa Rachao Planning & Leisure Services Clerk 250-632-8910 email
Economic Development (272 City Centre)
Mike Dewar Director of Economic Development 250-632-8921 email
Josh Marsh Business & Communications Officer 250-632-8900 email
Barb Haun Economic Development Clerk 250-632-8900 email
Emergency Planning (1101 Kingfisher Ave.)
Coordinator 250-632-8945
Engineering Services (270 City Centre)
Director 250-632-8900
Wayne Sussbauer Technical Services Manager 250-632-8908 email
Engineering Inquiries 250-632-8906
Finance (270 City Centre)
Steve Christiansen Treasurer 250-632-8909 email
Dustin Rutsatz Deputy Treasurer and Business License Inspector 250-632-8911 email
Fire & Rescue (1101 Kingfisher Ave.)
Trent Bossence Fire Chief 250-632-8942 email
Peter Bizarro Deputy Chief Prevention 250-632-8938 email
Derek Collier Deputy Chief Operations 250-632-8943 email
Tina Schmidt Clerk 250-632-8941 email
Leisure Services
Martin Gould Director 250-632-8913 email
Shaun O'Neill Deputy Director 250-632-8959 email
Theressa Rachao Leisure Services & Planning Clerk 250-632-8910 email
Laurel Alves Administration Coordinator 250-632-8972 or 250-632-8957 email
Shane Kirwin Arena / Parks Coordinator 250-632-8967 email
Gina Rowlett Aquatic Coordinator 250-632-8960 email
Marcy Rice Recreation Programmer 250-632-8973 email
Cori Boguski Fitness Programmer 250-632-8976 email
Cheri DeMelo Tamitik Programmer 250-632-8955 email
Dallas Pacheco Gardening Crew Leader 250-632-8968 email
Public Works (206 Enterprise Ave.)
Reception 250-632-8930
Mike Manson Director of Operations 250-632-8935 email
Cam McCulley Deputy Director of Operations 250-632-8933 email
Purchasing (206 Enterprise Ave.)
Robyn Iannarelli Purchasing Agent 250-632-8928 email
RCMP Detachment (888 Lahakas Blvd.)
Margaret Grant Office Manager 250-632-7111 email