Kitimat Recreation Department Gets New Name

Kitimat Leisure Services DepartmentThe Kitimat Recreation Department is changing its name to Kitimat Leisure Services. This change was requested by the Advisory Recreation Commission and approved by Municipal Council to better reflect the many activities and services the department provides the community.

As Kitimat continues to develop the department finds it is becoming involved in areas that are somewhat “non traditional”. The Department focus has expanded beyond activity and exercise. The term “Leisure Services” will better reflect the dual emphasis on "traditional" areas: i.e., organized activities, exercise and sports; and the wide range of new activities the department has undertaken or will be associated with for the foreseeable future. “Leisure Services” is a flexible name, and one that should allow the public to associate more of what is happening in their community with the department and the District of Kitimat.

Kitimat Leisure Services Department will focus its wide mandate of services provided to the community with the goal of being able to accommodate new opportunities, while focusing on the needs and wants of residents, in an effort to build a stronger and healthier society.