Invasive Weed Control

With summer bringing the community out into the gardens and parks, it's a great time to raise awareness of weeds and invasive plants, and the damages they can cause to the native environment.

Kitimat Leisure Services Department works in partnership with The Northwest Invasive Plant Council (NWIPC) to provide awareness, inventory, treatment and assessment.

Weeds Threaten Our Resources. Learn to Identify Them

Noxious Weeds are non-native plant species that are difficult to control. In the absence of their natural predators and diseases, these weeds aggressively compete with native plants for water and nutrients.

Can you name any of the twelve weed culprits? Check out this Noxious Weed pamphlet and see what you know or missed!
Have you seen these 2 Garden Escapees? Himalayan Balsam and Knotweeds are threatening native species and it is critical that we eradicate them. Find more on how to identify them and how to keep our gardens and greenspaces safe.


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Northwest Invasive Plant Council