Public Notice: Municipal Alcohol Policy

The District of Kitimat is seeking public comment on the development of a Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP). The MAP will apply to events occurring on municipal property that serve alcohol under the license of Special Occasion Permits. The goal of the MAP is to address health and safety issues, as well as potential liability concerns related to the sale and consumption of alcohol on municipal property. This policy is not intended to stand in opposition to responsible alcohol use. The MAP will contain the following:

I. Clear Application Process for Event Hosts. This process will provide assistance and clear guidelines for individuals applying for permission to serve liquor on municipal property;

II. Guidelines for Serving Alcohol. The MAP will clearly define key guidelines to ensure event hosts meet their duties as required by law. The goal of these guidelines is to reinforce responsible, moderate drinking practices through the provision of appropriate operational procedures, control, training, signage, education and safe practices. The MAP guidelines are intended to ensure that hosts, and facility renters in municipal areas, run events where adults can have fun, raise money, and consume alcohol in an environment which is safe for all participants.

III. Designation of Properties and Events. By designating events and facilities as eligible or not eligible for alcohol consumption, the MAP will work to promote a healthy and balanced perception of alcohol in the community. Examples of events that are not eligible for alcohol consumption include events intended for families or youth, and sports tournaments.

IV. Responsibilities of Event Hosts. Clarification of roles will work to reduce the risk of lawsuits against event hosts and the municipality by increasing awareness in regards to legal responsibilities and obligations.

V. Prevention and Harm Reduction Strategies. These strategies aim to minimize alcohol-related problems in the community and encourage a balanced use of alcohol. Examples include the promotion of Safe Ride Home programs, provision of non-alcoholic beverages, Serving It Right training for all servers and establishing minimum security requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to provide input into the MAP, please contact Meghan Gough, MAP Coordinator, at An online survey is available on the Municipal website ( at: