NWIPC Summer Newsletter

On behalf of the Northwest Invasive Plant Council, the District of Kitimat would like to share the link to the NWIPC (Northwest Invasive Plant Council) Summer Newsletter.

The Northwest Invasive Plant Council (NWIPC) is working to identify all infestations of knotweed on public and private lands with the goal of controlling infestations before they dominate our local environments.  

Articles featured in their Summer Newsletter:

"Before taking your boat out this summer, make sure you know how to properly Clean, Drain, Dry (CDD) your boat to prevent the spread of aquatic invasives...."
"This summer while you are out working in your yard check your property for invasive plants, and learn how to help by removing invasives and replacing them with similar native species. To help you make this transition, the PlantWise pilot program is being launched this summer to prevent the further introduction and spread of invasive plants in BC...."

"Summer has arrived bringing not only more people out, but invasive plants too! These plants like to hitch a ride on pets, laces and vehicles to new places as British Columbians participate in various summer activities...."

View the NWIPC Summer Newsletter