Results of 2013 Rail Jam

Another successful Rail Jam was held on January 25, 2013. Many thanks to all the sponsors, helpers, and community participants that made this event another rousing success!

More photos from the 2013 Annual Rail Jam can be found on the Kitimat Leisure Facebook page.

The results are:

10 and under Boarder
1st Place Tosh Kranskopf- Smithers
2nd place Toan Kranskopf- Smithers
3rd -

10 and under skier
1st Place - Aidan Press- Smithers
2nd Place - Jake Thornton- Kitimat
3rd Place - Thayna Healey- Terrace

11-13 Boarder
1st Place- Jayden Haskin-Smithers
2nd Place- Caden Forster-Telkwa
3rd -

11-13 skier
1st Place- Jared Thornton- Kitimat
2nd Place-Trevor Flegel- Kitimat
3nd Place -Joey Parkes- Terrace

14-17 Boarder
1st Trent Bruhjell- Smithers
2nd Justine Hickman- Kitimat
3rd Cubby Fox- Telkwa

14-17 Skier
1st Place Colin Forster-Telkwa
2nd Place Alex Pidharny- Smithers
3nd Place Matt Kingsmill- Smithers

Over 18 Boarder
1st Place - Lee Miller-Terrace
2nd Place - Taylor James-Kitimat
3rd Place - Lans Kaldenhoven- Kitimat

Over 18 Skier
1st Place Cameron Hemmons- Terrace
2nd Place Joel McSworely- Prince Rupert
3rd Place Logan Malkow- Smithers

Women Participants
Zoe Blewet-14-17yrs skier- Smithers
Kiana Beth Moore- 14-17yrs-boarder -Smithers
Deirdre Lind - 11-13yrs skier - Terrace