SwimAbilities Workshop Being Offered

A Workshop by Laura Dumas, Teaching Swimming to Children with Special Needs for Therapists, Aides and Swimming Instructors, will run from Saturday 20 April, to Sunday 21 April 2013, at Tamitik.

· What kind of therapy can be done in the water, and who can do it?
· Why should we do therapy in the water?
· How can we do therapy in the water? When can we do it?
· Tips to make therapy in the water successful and other resources
· Why swimming for children with special needs? A basic overview
· Overview of special needs diagnoses
· Working with children with special needs
· Working with parents and aides
· Breaking down skills into achievable steps, theory and practical application
· Peer teaching opportunities for teaching skills

About the Instructor, Laura Dumas, Founder of SwimAbilities
Laura Dumas is from Edmonton, Alberta, and works as a licensed occupational therapist with children with special needs. She has a background in education and has spent over 15 years working with children. Teaching swimming has been Laura's passion since 1998 when she became certified to teach swimming through the Red Cross program, and later became certified to train Red Cross Instructors. In 2009, Laura developed a swimming program called SwimAbilities to support children with special needs in the water and began teaching this program through the City of Edmonton. In 2010, Laura began teaching other instructors how to run SwimAbilities at other facilities. Laura also co-wrote a chapter on swimming in Getting into the Game: Sports Programs for Kids with Autism (Smith & Patterson, 2012)