Acquisition of Unused Lands

The District of Kitimat is working with the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club (HCGWC) on the acquisition of unused lands currently owned by the Club. Council has provided funding of $100,000 to HCGWC in advance as part of an agreement in principle for the acquisition of these unused lands.

The map below shows the lots currently owned by the Club. The District of Kitimat already has a covenant in place for District lots DL 6163 and DL 6166 which states that HCGWC must hold the land in trust for the District of Kitimat as a greenbelt or for public recreation purposes. The District of Kitimat and HCGWC will work towards the acquisition of unused sections of additional lots in 2015.

For further inquiries, contact Martin Gould at 250-632-8900 or