Boat License Partner

Boatsmart exam linkThe Leisure Department has partnered up with BOATsmart!® to promote boating and water safety in your community. BOATsmart!® educates and certifies boaters for their Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Their mission is to promote a safe, enjoyable and environmentally friendly use of Canada's waterways.

Did you know? All operators of recreational powerboats in Canada now require a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, commonly known as a Canadian Boating License. Boaters caught without an Operator Card* risk a minimum $250.00 fine. Obtaining an Operator Card is also the best way to gain the knowledge you need to boat with confidence!

An Operator Card is required for all ages, boat sizes and waterways in Canada when operating a motorized vessel. If you operate a powered recreational boat you need an Operator Card* - It's the law. Once obtained, the official BOATsmart!® Operator Card is good for life.

BOATsmart!® is Transport Canada Accredited. Boaters obtain their official Pleasure Craft Operator Card (commonly known as a Boating License or Boat Card) by successfully passing the BOATsmart!® exam.