Property Taxes in 2014

The District of Kitimat calculates and sends out tax notices annually, in May of each year.

Taxes are raised to cover municipal services such as water, sewer and road maintenance, to name a few. Included in the invoice are taxes we collect for other authorities. The most significant are the Province of BC (through school tax), the Regional District, the Hospital District, and BC Assessment Authority.

Property owners pay a budgetary increase or decrease each year to each authority, based on the owner's assessed property value. The District of Kitimat apportions the taxes between the different tax classes (of which residential is one class) while the taxes within a class are apportioned by assessed value as calculated by BC Assessment. Since the assessed values go up or down relative to the average increase, taxes can also increase or decrease.

For 2014, the District of Kitimat has set a 3% increase on municipal taxes. The average residential property increased 25.5% in assessed value over the 2013 taxation year. Residential property that increased in value by more than 25.5% will experience higher municipal taxation in 2014.

There is a 3% average increase in municipal taxes, and a 6.6% average increase in total property taxes collected by the District of Kitimat (before application of any Homeowner's Grant). The 6.6% is made up 30% by municipal taxes and 70% is due to a 13.6% increase in School Taxes over 2013. This is largely due to a shift of School Tax from other communities in School District 82 to Kitimat because of the large increase in assessed value of homes in Kitimat relative to those in other communities.