The District is committed to resolving the labour dispute and to signing a fair Collective Agreement. The District is bound by privacy laws and, for that reason, cannot comment on individual circumstances. The District has, in collective bargaining, addressed the following issues:

Part-time Workers and Summer Students

The District of Kitimat Leisure Services department has reviewed its number of part-time employees. As a result, the District has agreed to convert part-time positions in Leisure Services into 10 full-time jobs over the next two years – 6 jobs in year one, 4 jobs in year two. This doubles the number of full-time jobs in the Leisure Services department.

In collective bargaining, the District agreed to allow part-time workers first opportunity to available hours in other departments, to maximize their hours of work. 

The District has also offered to reduce the number of summer students, at the Union’s request, to create more full-time positions during the summer season.

Women in the Workforce

Leisure and recreational departments across the province have a higher ratio of female workers. Our District is an equal opportunity employer: it does not make hiring, promotional or pay decisions on the basis of gender. It hires and promotes on the basis of the skills applicants have for the job(s). The classification and not the gender of the employee decides pay.

Public Works Yard Staffing

Staffing at the Public Works Yard has remained consistent for well over a decade. The District has committed to concentrate on filling two Union job vacancies and has offered to elevate two employees to position of Heavy Equipment Operator. 

Guaranteed Number of Positions Letter of Agreement

From June 1, 2015 until December 31, 2015, the District of Kitimat agrees that the number of Regular Full-time and Regular Part-time union employees will not fall below 66 Regular Full-time workers, and 9 Regular Part-time workers.  From January 1, 2016 for the remainder of this Agreement the number of Regular Full-time and Regular Part-time Union employees will not fall below 70 Regular Full-Time workers, and 9 Regular Part-Time workers.


The District of Kitimat takes safety seriously, complying with all legal obligations, including those imposed by the provisions of the Labour Relations Code, the Human Rights Code of BC, and the Workers’ Compensation Act.  As well, the District has offered to engage the services of a Health and Safety Officer to further improve our safety standards.


The Union and District have agreed on training provisions for its employees in order to increase their ability to apply for in-house job opportunities.

The Health and Safety Officer would also look at job training requirements as part of their duties.  The District has offered this as our commitment to improving training.

We are all citizens of Kitimat, desiring a safe, clean and hospitable community.


Media Contact:
Ron Poole, Chief Administrative Officer, 250-632-8916