Municipal Alcohol Policy Updated

The District of Kitimat recently updated its Municipal Alcohol Policy to reflect changes to liquor laws made by the provincial government. The update is related to the Serving It Right program, which now includes a new category called Special Event Server. 

Similar to the Serving It Right certification, the Special Event Server (SES) course is British Columbia's mandatory self-study course for serving alcohol at Special Occasion Licensed events. The course covers legal responsibilities and effective techniques for recognizing intoxication and preventing issues related to over-service.

All servers, both paid and unpaid, serving at Special Occasion Licensed events must be SES certified regardless of the number of event attendees. Managers and Special Occasion License holders for events with less than 500 people are also required to take the SES course. For anyone currently holding a valid Serving It Right certification, there is no need to also complete the SES course.

Certification is obtained by taking the SES course and passing an exam. The online program, which takes approximately one hour, is convenient and offers quizzes and interactive features to help participants learn the materials. The cost is $20 and successful participants will receive their test results immediately. Upon successful completion, an SES certificate can be printed right away.

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