BC Community Gaming Grants Presentation

Community Gaming Grants

An exciting education and networking opportunity for not-for-profit organizations
interested in applying for a community gaming grant.


Each year the Government of British Columbia approves $140 million in community gaming grants for not-for-profit organizations across the province.  Over 5,000 community-based organizations, representing almost every community in the province, receive community gaming grants each year.

Join Mike Sherman, Outreach Manager, Community Gaming Grants Branch, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, for a detailed information session on the Community Gaming Grants program.  Learn more about:

-  Organization and program eligibility requirements for a community gaming grant;
-  Grant application:  how and when to apply, how your application is processed, and how and when you        will be notified about your grant request; and
-  Grant recipient accountability:  grant conditions and acceptable use of funds.

Presentation Details:  

When:                        Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 1 - 3pm

Where:                       REM Lee Theatre
                                  4920 Straume Ave., Terrace, BC           

Registration:              No fee - Register online now or in person on the day of the event

Request a Meeting:   To book a face-to-face meeting for Wednesday, October 11, register online or email                                      cggoutreach@gov.bc.ca with your request

See our website for more information:  gov.bc/gaminggrants