Kitimat Investment - Ready Profile is Now Available

Kitimat must compete to ensure projects in the early stages of development--and the major industrial expansion projects scheduled for this decade--bring the maximum possible positive change to our community.  This means, in part, that our community's available land, commercial space, business services and local labour are used in ways which make environmental and financial sense, and are socially responsible over the long- and short-term. 

Kitimat continues to be the chosen industrial and service hub for Rio Tinto Alcan Modernization, Kitimat LNG, Pacific Trail Pipelines and four other significant industrial projects.  Most of this construction is targeting build times of 2011 to 2016.  Kitimat's quality-of-life factors such as: the Pacific Inland Coast's exceptional recreation opportunities, quality local health and community services, and excellent indoor recreation facilities and programs, showcase our community's regionally-superior amenities.  Having project personnel choosing to reside--or retire--in our community will be a good measure of success.  

The latest edition of the Investment-Ready Community Profile, from Kitimat's Economic Development Office, provides a cross-section of information detailing labour and utility costs, multi-modal transportation services, global shipping logistics, available land and commercial space, and permit approvals.  To learn more about economic development initiatives please visit