Doing Business

Doing Business
Kitimat is known for being a marvel of nature and industry. The benefits of living in Kitimat include a thriving economy and a bounty of business opportunities, balanced alongside a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle.  There are currently 766 registered businesses offering a variety of goods and services within Kitimat and the region.
You choose more when you choose Kitimat: natural opportunities, a varied economy and home to the largest private sector investment in Canadian history, LNG Canada. Future growth prospects for Kitimat are strong. Kitimat boasts a younger population than the rest of the Province and is abundant with potential.
This is the time and place to start your own business. Kitimat needs new businesses from across all sectors.  The resources provided below can help you get started.


Business incentive programs

 Check out the various business incentive programs such as "Keep it Local Kitimat", the "Business Facade Improvement Program"...and more here.

Business licensing


All businesses operating within the District of Kitimat require a Business Licence. Fees for Business Licenses are outlined in pages 150-153 of the Kitimat Municipal Code.

Complete a Business Licence application form here. Applications can be emailed to our finance department here or dropped off at the District’s municipal office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


Home-based businesses


All home-based businesses require a Business Licence. There are two types of home-based business categories and they have different regulations associated with them.

Home Business Address

Under a Home Business Address, you can use your house address as the business address. Business-related communication is limited to mail, phone, or online. Under a Home Business Address, clients, employees and suppliers do not visit your home to conduct business. Goods associated with the business (total area up to 25 square meters) may be stored at the address.

Businesses under this category are permitted in all residential (R) and greenbelt (G) zones. Find out what zone your home is in here.

Home Occupation

Under the Home Occupation category, businesses can display and sell goods and personal services out of a home. This category of business is permitted in all residential (R) (except R1-A and R5-A zones) and greenbelt (G) zones. If you wish to operate a Home Occupation businesses in an R1-A zone, please complete a Temporary Use Permit application.

Find out what zone your home is in here.

The Home Business Fact Sheet is a great resource for more information on home-based business types, temporary use permits, and more.

Starting a Business


There are plenty of reasons to start your business in Kitimat. With so much activity in the region, there are significant opportunities for the sale of goods and services in Kitimat.

If you’re considering starting a business in Kitimat, reach out to Economic Development today for resources and support. We can help you with:


  • Finding financing
  • Understanding land use and licencing requirements
  • Conducting market research
  • Business plan supports
  • Building business connections in the community
  • Marketing and advertising efforts
  • And more…


Download our Starting a Business in Kitimat Guide to help get you started.

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