Greenbelt Land

There are four greenbelt zones where a dwelling must be the principal use. Most of Cable Car neighbourhood, Strawberry Meadows subdivision in Kildala neighbourhood, and all the small holding properties on Kuldo Boulevard and Kitamaat Village Road are in one of these four zones.

There are five greenbelt zones where a dwelling may be permitted as either an accessory use or a principal use. These zones allow a variety of activities including:

  • churches
  • schools and other institutions
  • parks
  • recreation facilities
  • rural resorts
  • forestry operations.

Areas which are known to be environmentally sensitive (G6-A Zone) and parks are the only greenbelt zones where residential use is not permitted.

For more information check our Official Community Plan on the Reports and Plans page, and Part 9 Division 7 of our Kitimat Municipal Code for more information, or contact 250-632-9810 or send us an email.

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