Home-Based Businesses

There are two types of home-based businesses in Kitimat. Unique rules apply to each.

Home Business Address (HBA)

An HBA business allows a business operator to oversee a trade, business, profession, or other occupation by using their house address as the business address. Business-related communication is limited to mail, phone, or online. Clients, employees, and suppliers are not to visit the site of a HBA business. Goods associated with the business (total area up to 25 square meters) may be stored at the address.

HBA businesses are permitted in all residential areas and greenbelt areas where residences are allowed.

Home Occupation (HO)

An HO business is limited to display and sale of goods or personnal services produced in the home. An HO business is allowed in all residential zones except R1-A (Residential Single Family) and R5-A (Multi-Family). HO businesses are also permitted in greenbelt zones that allow a residence.

Individuals who wish to operate an HO business in the R1-A zone may do so if a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is granted.

Your home-based business requires a business licence and must follow regulations on the home business fact sheet.

Refer to our zoning map for property zoning.

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