Industry and Economy

Economic performance

Global manufacturing exports and energy-related activity are the fundamental reasons for Kitimat's significant economic output on the north coast of BC. In high market years, Kitimat has contributed up to 11% of BC's manufacturing GDP. Growth prospects for Kitimat are strong. For a summary of recently completed and proposed projects, see Current Major Projects.

Community statistics

The Community Profile document provides some statistics on Kitimat.

Global Advantages of Kitimat

Kitimat has unique and natural competitive advantages which include:

  • Asia Pacific location on the great-circle shipping route
  • Industrial tracts of land and tidewater in adjacent valley
  • Proponents build, own, and operate or share facilities
  • Gateway to/from continental North America
  • High manufacturing performance
  • Municipality has low debt and no development cost charges
  • Skilled labour force
  • Education and training resources
  • Pacific coast lifestyle

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