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The Perks
  • Deepest and closest inland port on Canada’s Northwest Transportation and Trade Corridor
  • 1-2 days closer to Asia than most other west coast marine ports, with less fuel and no congestion costs
  • Land costs that are significantly lower than southern British Columbia
  • A trained and skilled workforce in transportation and trades
  • A community that is industry-friendly and supports development
  • No municipal development cost charges
  • Ports are private, meaning no harbor dues or fees associated with government port structures
  • Large supply of sand and gravel
  • Robust power grid


Kitimat is a welcoming and industry-friendly community situated at the head of the Douglas Channel. Kitimat has superior transportation connectivity to global, national, and provincial markets through it’s airport (YXT), railway, highway, private ports, and marinas. The community is a preferred location to accommodate future industries, small businesses, and people looking to do business in BC and around the globe- just ask the industries that have set up shop.


Growth and Opportunities



There has never been a better time to invest in Kitimat. Kitimat’s current economic climate provides unique opportunities in the energy, construction, international trade, and services sectors.



As Kitimat continues to grow into a national energy export hub, cluster opportunities continue to emerge.  These opportunities involve activities such as additional export facilities, gas-to-liquid manufacturing opportunities, and expanding the industry's knowledge base through collaboration, competition, innovation, specialization and expertise.  Kitimat is also home to the necessary inputs for a variety of clean energy solutions including hydrogen production, tidal, and hydroelectric energy.



The construction industry has synergy with Kitimat’s economy. Abundant construction-related opportunities exist alongside major industrial and commercial projects. Beyond commercial and industrial construction, Kitimat is seeing investments in residential construction as more people call Kitimat home. Kitimat is prime for developers interested in residential and commercial projects and needs companies to support residential and commercial construction including renovations, landscaping and general handy-person services.


International Trade

Kitimat has been safely, effectively, and efficiently connecting Canada to international markets for 65 years. Kitimat’s advantages of having a deep-water, ice-free port, one of North America’s shortest shipping routes to Asian markets, and rail transportation infrastructure to connect with central Canada and the American heartland makes Kitimat one of North America’s best port locations. A skilled workforce and a supportive community create additional opportunity for Kitimat to continue to emerge as a premier west coast hub for international trade.


Businesses and Services

With Kitimat in a period of growth there is ample opportunity for a variety of businesses across sectors to establish and flourish. Numerous business services are presently in high demand to serve community residents, visitors and industrial workforces alike. This service gap is expected to increase significantly as the population grows with increased business and investment activity.

Kitimat needs retail, food and beverage services, professional services, and industrial support businesses to provide the community with necessary and desired goods and services. We invite you to be a part of the unprecedented economic growth happening right now.

Logistics and Accessibility


Kitimat sits on the coast of the Douglas Channel. The Douglas Channel is deep and wide and offers safe shipping access to Asian and other international markets. Direct connection to CN Rail's North American network and 24-48 hours faster shipping makes Kitimat an ideal location for marine transport. There are currently two major industries which are operating private ports out of Kitimat and other proposed projects lined up to take advantage of this opportunity.

Port inquiries can be directed to TNC Agencies at 250-632-2221


A CN Rail Line ensures Kitimat is connected to North American markets by rail.  Many North American trade destinations can be reached faster from Kitimat than most other west coast locations.  The current rail line terminates at Rio Tinto B.C. Works wharf providing ample opportunity for expanded rail infrastructure here


Well-maintained highways make quick trips from Kitimat to elsewhere in the Province. Whether it is for trucking and transportation, or other commercial activities, reach the rest of B.C. quickly.

  • Prince Rupert: 2.5 hours (218 km)
  • Terrace: 1 hour (74 km)
  • Prince George: 7.5 hours (643 km)
  • Vancouver: 16.5 hours (1492 km)


Kitimat has your air travel needs covered.  The Northwest Regional Airport (YXT) is located 50km from Kitimat offers daily direct flights to Vancouver (1.5 hours), Calgary (2 hours), and Prince George (1 hour) with connections to North American and international destinations.  This airport has the largest flight service and passenger load west of Prince George.  Executive Flight Charter services near YXT and a small airpark just outside Kitimat complement services at YXT.

Kitimat is globally well-connected with high quality and reliable telecommunications infrastructure.  Broadband and cellular service in the community support online opportunities in e-commerce, digital services and technology.  With 50/10+ Broadband speed and Fiber Optice connectivity throughtout the community, there is no fear of being disconnected. 


Current Major Projects


Kitimat is an industry-friendly community situated at the head of the Douglas Channel. Kitimat has superior transportation connectivity to global, national, and provincial markets through it’s airport (YXT), railway, highway, private ports, and marinas. The community is a preferred location to accommodate future industry expansion from BC and around the globe.  See our current major projects here.

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