Land in the District of Kitimat is divided into four groups: Residential (R), Commercial (C), Industrial (M) and Greenbelt (G).  There are many zones within each group; over 40 zones in total. Each zone allows a different mix of land uses and development.

Find Your Zone

You can find out the zone of a property by looking at the Kitimat Townsite and the District of Kitimat zoning maps.

Zone Regulations

Regulations for each zone are available in the Kitimat Municipal Code. Please review general regulations (subdivision 1) as well as regulations for the specific zone, to find what land uses and structures are possible:

  • Part 9, Division 5 - Commercial (C) Zones
  • Part 9, Division 7 - Greenbelt (G) Zones
  • Part 9, Division 6 - Industrial (M) Zones
  • Part 9, Division 4 - Residential (R) Zones

In limited circumstances, permanent or temporary exceptions to zoning may be granted. See Development Approvals and Variances.

For more information contact Community Planning and Development by email or call 250-632-8910.

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