The provincial government requires that we adopt a financial plan bylaw each year.  The plan must be submitted to the Province by May 15 and include a statement of objectives and policies in addition to revenues and expenses. These documents are available to view on the Reports and Plans page.

Would you like to provide input into how your taxes will be spent?

If you would like to provide input on future budgets, please contact Corporate Services at 250-632-8900 or email for details on how to attend a Council meeting.  You can find Council meeting agendas here.

2024 Budget 


  Cover Report

  2. General Government
  3. Protective Services
  4. Public Works Yard
  5. Engineering
  6. Planning
  7. Economic Development
  8. Leisure Services
  10. Capital

Updates to 2024 Budget

2023 Budget 

Updates to the 2023 Budget can be found below under "Updates to 2023 Budget" 


  1. Cover and Summary
  2. Revenues
  3. General Government
  4. Protective Services
  5. Public Works
  6. Engineering
  7. Community Planning and Development
  8. Economic Development
  9. Recreation and Cultural Services
  10. Reserves
  11. Capital Cover Sheets
  12. Capital Justifications
  13. Alternate Projects 2023



Updates to 2023 Budget 


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