Local Government elections are held every four years in British Columbia.

On October 15, 2022, a general local election will be held to elect one (1) Mayor and six (6) Councillors for the District of Kitimat. 

Part 1, Division 5 of the  Kitimat Municipal Code sets out the election process for the District of Kitimat.

The election for School Trustee will also be held on October 15, 2022. For information regarding the election for Trustees for Coast Mountains Board of Education School District 82, visit their website at: cmsd.bc.ca.

Interested in working as an election worker at an advance voting opportunity or general voting day? Information and application documents are available soon. Please check back!

Key Dates
 Electors - Voting Opportunities and Voting Locations

 General Voting Day is Saturday, October 15, 2022

  • The voting locations for general voting day will be provided when locations have been determined

Advance Voting Opportunities will be held on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 and Wednesday, October 12, 2022

  • The advance voting opportunity locations will be provided when locations have been determined 
 Candidates - Important Dates

January 1, 2022 - Start of Election Period

July, 2022 - Nomination Documents available

August 30, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. - Start of Nomination Period

September 9, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. - End of Nomination Period

September 16, 2022 - Candidate Nomination Withdrawal Deadline

September 16, 2022 - End of Election Period

September 17, 2022 - Start of Campaign Period

October 5, 2022 - Advance Voting Opportunity

October 12, 2022 - Advance Voting Opportunity

October 15, 2022 - General Voting Day

November 7, 2022 - Inaugural Meeting of Council

Candidate Information Session

The District of Kitimat will be offering an information session for potential candidates. 


The session will provide an overview of what may be involved as a member of Council in Kitimat with an opportunity to ask questions.


The session will be scheduled for mid to late August and prior to the start of the nomination period. 

 Candidate Resources
 Elections BC (Campaign Financing)

Elections BC administers campaign financing and advertising rules for local elections and assent voting in British Columbia under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.


Candidates must be familiar with the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act and its requirements.


Visit the Elections BC website here.


If you have any question or concerns regarding the Financial Disclosure Act please contact:

Elections BC
Tel.: 250 387-5305
Toll-free: 1 855 952-0280
Email: electoral.finance@elections.bc.ca

 Province of British Columbia

Running for local office is an amazing opportunity to support and impact your community, and a big decision to make. In 2018 the Province of British Columbia created a series of videos that provide some insight into what a locally elected official should know when making this decision: 

Updated videos are expected soon. Please check back!

 Guides and Resources
The Province of British Columbia has created a series of guides and resources for candidates, elector organizations, and voters. You can visit the General Local Elections page to access these resources here.
 Local Elections Legislation
Other Resources

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing created a series of videos to provide general information about what to expect before, during, and following a general local election. Although the videos were made specifically for the 2018 general local election, the information may be helpful to potential candidates. You can access the videos here.

 Candidate Nomination Packages

Candidate nomination packages for the 2022 General Local Election will be available starting in July, 2022  They will be available here or at the District of Kitimat Municipal Office during regular business hours.

Nomination documents will be accepted by the Chief Election Officer or Deputy Chief Election Officer during regular business hours at Kitimat Municipal Office starting at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday August 30, 2022 and until 4:00 p.m. Friday September 9, 2022. 

Accepted nomination documents will be available for inspection at the District of Kitimat Municipal Office or on the website.

 Voter Eligibility

The District of Kitimat uses the Provincial Voters List as the register of eligible voters. You can register or update your voter information by contacting Elections BC.


Not on the Provincial Voters List? You can register to vote at the time of voting by completing the Elections BC Application to Register as a Local Government Resident Elector (Form 200M). Forms will be available at the voting location but you will need to bring two pieces of identification proving identity and residency, one piece of identification must contain a signature. Picture identification is not required.


 Resident Electors

An individual is considered to be a resident if, whenever absent, they intend to return to the municipality. 

A resident elector is:

  • 18 years of age or older at the time of voting, or will be 18 years of age on General Voting Day;
  • a Canadian citizen
  • a resident of British Columbia for 6 months immediately before the day of registration
  • a resident of the municipality; and 
  • a person who is not disqualified under this or any other enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law.

An individual can only vote as a resident elector in one municipality in an election.

Non-Resident Property Electors 

A non-resident property elector is an elector who does not reside in the municipality but owns property in the municipality. Regardless of the number of properties owned in the municipality, an elector may only register with one property. If there are more than one individual listed as registered owners, only one owner may register to vote and must have the written consent of a majority of the owners. Proof of consent must be submitted prior to voting.


Forms for Non-Resident Property Electors will be available soon. Please check back!


Non-resident property electors are:

  • 18 years of age or older at the time of voting, or will be 18 years of age on General Voting Day;
  • a Canadian citizen
  • a resident of British Columbia for 6 months immediately before the day of registration
  • a registered owner of real property in the municipality for at least 30 days immediately before registration;
  • not holding the property in trust for a corporation or another trust; and 
  • a person who is not disqualified under this or any other enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law.

Voter Identification

Classes of documents that may be accepted as evidence of identification are:

  • BC Driver's Licence
  • BC Identification Card
  • BC Care Card
  • BC Gold Care Card
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Canadian Passport
  • Property Tax Notice
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Government Issued Military Identification Card
  • Firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Current Utility Bill – Containing Elector's Name and Address
  • Owners Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence (issued by ICBC)
  • Other documents sufficient to satisfy the Chief Election Officer

Note: Combination BC Services Card and BC Driver's Licence only counts as one document

 Mail Ballot Voting

Mail ballot voting is permitted for the 2022 General Local Election.


More information regarding mail ballot voting, including application and registration forms will be available soon.

 Previous Election Results
 The results of previous elections are available through the Civic Info BC website.


For more information, please contact the Chief Election Officer, Kiona Enders, or the Deputy Chief Election Officer, Tracy Tavares, at (250) 632-8900 or via email at election@kitimat.ca.


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