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Public Hearing - Riverbrook Estates Zoning Amendment
Update: Public Hearing was closed on Monday, 15 February 2016. Kitimat Council gave Second and Third Reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1878. Consideration of Adoption is held until Housing Agreement is formalized.

What Changes?

Riverbrook Estates Ltd. has submitted an application for Council to rezone a portion of Block 210; Plan 8918 (current civic address 167 Konigus St) to allow the development of a 5,272 sq m 70-unit manufactured home park. The site is currently zoned G5-Forestry. The applicant is seeking that the site be zoned to R6-A Residential Zone - Manufactured Home on Individual Lot. The applicant is also seeking that a no build covenant be lifted and that a requirement to build 0.6m above the crown of the adjacent municipal road be introduced. This requirement is already in effect elsewhere in Kildala neighborhood. Council is considering Riverbrook Estates, Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1878, and is seeking your input.

Need More Information?

The bylaw, Council resolution, staff report dated 11 February 2016, staff report dated 5 February 2016, staff report dated 28 January 2016Traffic Committee report dated 28 January 2016, staff report dated 10 December 2015, staff report dated 10 November 2015application.

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