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Development Permit Approved - 123 City Centre, A&W Menu Boards

Update: Permit Approved 

On 23 February 2021, the Director of Community Planning and Development approved a development permit for new menu boards at the A&W drive-thru at 123  City Centre.  

Priority Permits applied for a Downtown Revitalization Area Development Permit (DRA-DP), on behalf of the 123 City Centre property owners, to update the A&W menu signs.  Proposed upgrades are to replace the existing drive thru menu boards with new ones. Location and images available at the link below.  

DPs in the downtown must meet requirements of Downtown Design Guidelines. Guidelines may be reviewed on the District website:

Images of the proposed new signs and the location available here

For more information, please contact Community Planning and Development at 250-632-8900 or email to

Thank you for your ongoing interest in your community

 Development Permit Approved - 167 Konigus Street, Riverbrook Estates, Townhouses
Update: 5 February 2021, Permit Approved

On 1 February 2021, Kitimat Council approved a development permit for Phase One of the Riverbrook Estates development at 167 Konigus Street.  The permit was approved with the following conditions:

1.    Development proceeds according to Site Plan DP-01a, revision dated, 24 September 2014;

2.    Elevations conform to drawings listed from DP-1.01 to DP-11.03 in the application package, revision dated 24 September 2014;

3.    Exterior finishes follow patterns depicted in “Coloured Elevation” drawing dated 30 July 2014;

4.    Landscaping conform to plans listed L-02 to L-06 in the application package, 19 December 2018;

5.    Posting a landscaping bond of $10,000 to be held for one full growing season after planting is completed and confirmed by District staff; and

7.    Snow storage must be contained on site or removed.

Development and landscaping plans referenced can be found in the drawings package.  

Riverbrook Estates Ltd had applied for a Development Permit (DP) to construct Phase One which consists of up to 16 single family lots and 47 townhouses at 167 Konigus Street.  Phase One will include construction of roads and servicing, single family lots, and ten 3-level wood-frame townhouse buildings with 47 total units.  Townhouse units are divided into 7 buildings of 4 units, 1 x 8 units, 1 x 6 units, and 1 x 5 units.  The site plan and landscaping plans break the townhouse develop into five phases.  Council adopted ‘Riverbrook Estates, Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1854’, on 5 January 2015. Current site is raw land, partly forested with a portion pre-loaded with gravel. 

Additional information on application and other background material are available for review using the links provided or at the District of Kitimat reception desk, 270 City Centre, 8:30am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. Please direct further inquiries to Community Planning and Development at 250-632-8900 or

Thank you for your ongoing interest in your community.

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