Public Notice Archive 2022

Proposed Bike Park

Update: comment session now closed, 26 January 2022

The residents of the District of Kitimat are hereby notified that a ‘Bike Park’ is being proposed at a lot adjacent to the Blackberry Street, which, as per the Kitimat Municipal Code, is currently zoned as Local Park. The notice for the proposed bike park can be accessed here.

Notice of Public Hearing - Accessory Buildings and Accessory Structures Bylaw No. 2006, 2021

Update: Approved, 17 January 2022


A zoning amendment that would amend Section and of the Kitimat Municipal Code to increase maximum accessory building height to 4.9 m with a sloped roof or 4.3 m with a flat roof and increase minimum side and rear yard setback to 1.2 metres, providing that the accessory building height does not exceed the primary building. Bylaw No. 2006 would also prevent accessory buildings built within the permissible building area to be built higher than the principal building. Bylaw No. 2006 would impact all residentially zoned properties within the District of Kitimat, as shown on the map.

 Bylaw No. 2006, 2021



 Temporary Use Permit - 50 Currie Street
 Update: 11 January, approved through Delegate.

The District of Kitimat is considering issuing a Temporary Use Permit for up to 3 years duration. The application is made to allow providing Registered Massage Therapy to 5 patients a day from Monday to Friday with each patient taking 75 minutes each on 50 Currie St.

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