Reports and Plans

The District of Kitimat maintains a variety of reports and plans. See below for a comprehensive list.

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Annual Reports

The annual report contains financial statements for the year and includes goals and performance by the departments within the District of Kitimat.

Business Walk Report
Climate Action

Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan

The District of Kitimat with consultants from Community Energy Association (CEA), approved the development of a Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan.  It is important to note that large industry is not included in this planning, as it is dealt with at a provincial level.   

You can read more about the Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) here.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send them via email or call us at 250-632-8900 ext 2239. 


Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program

In 2012, Kitimat signed the BC Climate Action Charter, committing to "making progress" towards becoming carbon neutral. Kitimat tracks carbon consumption for municipal operations and, in return, receives a grant from the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP). To date, CARIP funds have been used to support pedestrian improvements, including walkways and downtown wayfinding.

Downtown Design Guidelines
Downtown Design Guidelines
Downtown Master Plan

Update: 5 February 2021

Thank you to everyone who has participated to date with the draft Downtown Plan and Design Guidelines. Results of the public engagement events from September 2020 have been summarized and presented to Council in the following documents. 

Public Engagement Summary

Next Steps

Staff continue to update the Downtown Plan and the Design Guidelines following Council's discussion and direction coming from the 4 January 2021 Regular Council Meeting.  This page will be updated as the documents evolve and as some items come forward for implementation.  Many of the items to watch for are highlighted and discussed in the Council Report linked above as Next Steps.  Future planning activities, bylaws, and policy updates may allow for public comments as each topic is brought forward.  Notices will be posted in the usual places as they become available.  

More Information

All comments and questions are welcome .  Specific opportunities for comment and input will be available during public engagement events.  For general questions and inquiries please contact Community Planning and Development at the District office, 270 City Centre, call us at 250-632-8900 or     


Background and Process

District of Kitimat is creating a new vision for development in its downtown core.  A new Downtown Master Plan will update current Downtown Design Guidelines and bring new direction for a vibrant city centre.  The project began in 2018 as an update of Kitimat's Downtown Design Guidelines.  Completed in 1994, current guidelines were intended to make Downtown Kitimat a lively, functional, accessible, and cohesive pedestrian-oriented place.  

Following the events in 2018, District of Kitimat and consultants from MODUS Planning, Design, and Engagement agreed that a new master plan was appropriate to create new vision and design principles for Downtown Kitimat.   


Downtown Kitimat is a 35-hectare mixed-use area in the heart of Kitimat townsite, consisting of three precincts: City Centre, Mountainview Square, and Haisla Centre. Together, these areas form the retail and institutional core of the community, providing a diverse range of commercial and government services—and a mix of housing opportunities—that serve the daily needs of Kitimat and Kitamaat residents.

Kitimat's Official Community Plan (OCP) describes downtown as a fragmented collection of buildings with a strong automobile orientation, spread along a series of pedestrian corridors. Community sentiment suggests that the area could be strengthened through improvements to the pedestrian realm and key focal points as well as form and character of buildings.


The new Downtown Master Plan and revised Downtown Design Guidelines will:

  • Refresh the overall vision and design direction for Downtown Kitimat
  • Identify and address current challenges
  • Improve the applicability of the Downtown Design Guidelines with the inclusion of greater detail, stronger language and enhanced visual representation of key ideas
  • Provide clear direction for future development and redevelopment of the downtown
  • Integrate best practices and select precedents in pedestrian-oriented urban design

Key Topics

  • What makes a thriving downtown
  • Sustainability (mixed land uses, neighbourhood commercial, residential density, and housing location)
  • Parking
  • Accessibility and mobility
  • Connections to natural park areas and greenways

Key Questions

  • General
    • What opportunities do you see for downtown Kitimat?
    • What challenges do you experience?
    • What are your favourite places?
    • What places do you feel need improvement?
  • What does a vibrant downtown mean to you?
  • How can we make downtown a more liveable, successful, people-friendly place?

Process Timeline

 How to Get Involved
 September 2020 Engagement

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the online survey regarding the draft Downtown Plan and Design Guidelines.  Survey deadline was at 12 noon on Wednesday, 30 September 2020, and is now closed.  Any outstanding comments may be submitted by email. All comments and surveys will be summarized in a report to Council for consideration.  A summary of results is provided in the Engagement Summary Council Report


To provide you with more context, listen to Edward Porter from MODUS and Michael Von Hausen, who was involved in the first round of engagement back in April 2018, discuss key points of the Downtown Plan:



Past Events

Update (2 March 2020): Big Moves and Design Principles Presentation

At the Regular Meeting of Kitimat Council on Monday, 2 March 2020, consultants from MODUS Planning, Design, and Engagement presented draft "Big Moves", Vision, and Design Principles that will go into the new Downtown Master Plan. Vision and design principles build from ideas and comments collected from the community, Kitimat Council, and staff over the course of this project.  "Big Moves" is a Structure Plan that brings together results of the downtown parking study, identify potential place for infill development, and proposes several changes to the pattern of Downtown Kitimat.  Structure Plan expands on previous design work for Wakashan Avenue and realigns Tsimshian Boulevard to create a "Main Street".  Plan proposes to celebrate entry points to Downtown Kitimat, convert excess surface parking into opportunities for infill, enhance pedestrian connections, and reinforce hubs of activity.  

Online Survey - Closed on 18 February 2020

Public Open House at the Kitimat Public Library (23 January 2020)

Vision and Principles Display Boards 
Vision and Principles Display Boards with Comments

Kitimat Downtown Design Guidelines Update - Workshop and Walking Tour (April 2018)

Stay Connected

If you would like to receive emails with updates on this project, please send us an email with "Downtown Master Plan" in the subject line.

All materials to date are available for review at the District of Kitimat reception desk, 270 City Centre, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays. Further inquiries should be directed to District of Kitimat at 250-632-8900.


The following documents, maps and other resources are intended to provide information and context for this planning process. We will add new resources to the list below as they are developed or collected:


Finance Department Reports



The financial plan includes a five year operations and capital budget accompanied by goals and objectives of the District of Kitimat.

Tax Rates
Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

The statement of financial information includes the financial statement within the annual reports.


Housing Action Plan and Needs Assessment
Kitimat Cycle Network Plan
Kitimat Townsite Report

The 1952 Kitimat Townsite Report is a nine-book set of plans and policies that describes how to build and operate a “civically independent new town”. Clarence S. Stein and his co-authors cover everything from administration to zoning. Detailed plans for future development of Kitimat's townsite and industrial area make this report an invaluable document for Kitimat's past, present and future.

The report's Executive Summary is a must read for anyone interested in local history. A full set of the 1952 Master Plan is available for viewing at Kitimat Museum and Archives.

The report includes maps of the recommended townsite design. Most of the neighbourhoods, greenbelt areas, commercial and industrial centres we know in Kitimat today were laid out in the original plan.

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) honours one community plan each year that has made a significant contribution to national planning heritage. In 2013, the enduring quality of Kitimat's original master plan was recognized with CIP's Vision in Planning Award.

Leisure Services Master Plan
Minette Bay West Concept Plan
The Minette Bay West Concept Plan was a planning and design exercise adopted by Council in September 2017 for 191 hectares of municipal land on the west side of Minette Bay. This site presents a significant opportunity to provide public access to the ocean, which is a key priority for Kitimat Council. 
Municipal Alcohol Policy

The following links provide information to help event organizers comply with the Municipal Alcohol Policy when hosting events on municipal property.

Special Occasion Licence Information
Host Responsibilities and Liability
Serving It Right Training
Responsible Alcohol Consumption

For more information contact Leisure Services by email or call 250-632-8910.

Neighbourhood Development Options Study
Neighbourhood Development Options Study: Comparative Review, Urban Systems, May 1995
Official Community Plan (OCP)

An OCP is a broad statement of community objectives, goals, and policies with a special emphasis on land use and development. The OCP is also one of the three key documents (budget, five year capital plan and OCP) which guide all Council decisions. Each Council may aslo prepare a strategic plan with a time horizon of one to four years.

Kitimat's 2008 OCP was developed through a collaborative process that included stakeholders, local businesses, community groups, and over 200 residents.

South West Kitimat Area Plan

Douglas ChannelDistrict of Kitimat is creating a new local area plan for municipal lands west of Douglas Channel.

The project area extends south from Eurocan Road and west of Douglas Channel to the municipal boundary.  Area is comprised of rugged terrain with several significant watercourses, Jesse Lake with spectacular falls into Douglas Channel, and many points of interest. Access is limited via forest service roads and marine vessels.  Land is mostly provincial Crown land with an active forest license.

This plan process will gather community input that will be compiled with baseline information to create a local area plan.

Local area plans are extensions of the Official Community Plan (OCP) and apply to specific areas or issues within the municipality.  Contents may extend existing goals, objectives, and policies from the OCP that apply to the area.  There may be opportunity to develop new policies that are area specific, but may be applicable District-wide and brought into the OCP.  This area plan will become a pillar of future OCP updates.

Where are we in the Process?

Project Timeline (Updated 18 September 2019) 

South West Kitimat Area Timeline


In 2017, Kitimat Council approved the Land Constraints and Suitability Study for the project area.

With the assistance of consultants; Westland Resources, Madrone, and Kleanza; this study looked at existing environmental and geotechnical conditions, plus developed an archaeological model to evaluate the likelihood of archaeological sites.

Three overview assessment reports were produced as baseline information that will inform this planning process.  District staff have developed indicators that will evaluate this information and apply constraints to future development. This approach allows the land and water to develop opportunities, while constraints trigger need for further assessment when site-specific applications are brought forward.

Goals, objectives, and policies in the local area plan will be developed with this baseline information plus input through community engagement.

Next Steps:

  • First Nations Consultation - October 2019 and ongoing
  • Community Engagement - starting November 2019
    • Launch at Christmas Craft and Gift Fair, 1 and 2 November, at Riverlodge
    • Stakeholder Focus Groups, November 2019 - January 2020
    • Public Open House: "What We Have Heard", Presentation of Draft Goals and Objectives - end January 2020 (date to be confirmed)
Community Input 

All comments and questions are welcome as part of this public engagement process.  The comment form provided asks general questions; no topic or issue is insignificant.  Opportunities for comment and input will be available during open houses and stakeholder focus groups.  If you have any comments or questions about the process, you may also contact Community Planning and Development in person at the District office, 270 City Centre, or email us.  

Comment Form

Comments Summary (Updated 3 February 2020)

Comment Forms Received
Paul Plante (1 November 2019)
Per-Henrik Norman (9 November 2019)
Patricia Lange (9 December 2019)
Ruth Mueller (20 December 2019)
Douglas Channel Watch (27 December 2019)

Christmas Craft and Gift Fair
Community Map
Core Themes, Priorities, Concerns

Stakeholder and Focus Group Comments
Advisory Planning Commission (21 November 2019)

Stay Connected

If you would like to receive emails with updates on this process, please send us an email with "South West Kitimat Area Plan" in the subject line.

All materials to date are available for review at the District of Kitimat reception desk, 270 City Centre, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays. Further inquiries should be directed to Community Planning and Development at 250-632-8900.

This webpage will be updated as new information becomes available. 


Fall Craft Fair Open House Displays (1-2 November 2019)
Board 1 - Welcome
Board 2 - LCSS Summary
Board 3 - Core Themes, Priorities, Concerns
Board 4 - How to be Involved

Land Constraint and Suitability Study (Completed March 2019)
Executive Summary
Environmental Overview Report
Archaeological Overview Report
Geotechnical Overview Report

Council Report
Council Presentation


Strategic Plan

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