Reports and Plans

The District of Kitimat maintains a variety of reports and plans. See below for a comprehensive list.

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Annual Reports

The annual report contains financial statements for the year and includes goals and performance by the departments within the District of Kitimat.

Business Walk Report
Climate Action

In 2012, Kitimat signed the BC Climate Action Charter, committing to "making progress" towards becoming carbon neutral. Kitimat tracks carbon consumption for municipal operations and, in return, receives a grant from the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP). To date, CARIP funds have been used to support pedestrian improvements, including walkways and downtown wayfinding.

Downtown Design Guidelines
Downtown Design Guidelines
Finance Department Reports



The financial plan includes a five year operations and capital budget accompanied by goals and objectives of the District of Kitimat.

Tax Rates
Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

The statement of financial information includes the financial statement within the annual reports.


Housing Action Plan
Kitimat Townsite Report

The 1952 Kitimat Townsite Report by Clarence S. Stein is a nine-book set of plans and policies that describes how to build and operate a “civically independent new town”. Stein and his co-authors cover everything from administration to zoning. Detailed plans for future development of Kitimat's townsite and industrial area make this report an invaluable document for Kitimat's past, present and future.

The report's Executive Summary is a must read for anyone interested in local history. A full set of the 1952 Master Plan is available for viewing at Kitimat Museum & Archives.

The report includes maps of the recommended townsite design. Most of the neighbourhoods, greenbelt areas, commercial and industrial centres we know in Kitimat today were laid out in the original plan.

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) honours one community plan each year that has made a significant contribution to national planning heritage. In 2013, the enduring quality of Kitimat's original master plan was recognized with CIP's Vision in Planning Award.

Leisure Services Master Plan
Minette Bay West Concept Plan
The Minette Bay West Concept Plan was a planning and design exercise for 191 hectares of municipal land on the west side of Minette Bay, adopted by Council in September 2017. District Lots 95 and 471 or “Minette Bay West”, are designated as a park in Kitimat’s Official Community Plan. This site presents a significant opportunity to provide public access to the ocean, which is a key priority for Kitimat Council. 
Municipal Alcohol Policy

The following links provide information to help event organizers comply with the Municipal Alcohol Policy when hosting events on municipal property.

Special Occasion Licence Information
Host Responsibilities and Liability
Serving It Right Training
Responsible Alcohol Consumption

For more information contact Leisure Services by email or call 250-632-8910.

Neighbourhood Development Options Study
Neighbourhood Development Options Study: Comparative Review, Urban Systems, May 1995
Official Community Plan (OCP)

An OCP is a broad statement of community objectives, goals, and policies with a special emphasis on land use and development. The OCP is also one of the three key documents (budget, five year capital plan and OCP) which guide all Council decisions. Each Council may aslo prepare a strategic plan with a time horizon of one to four years.

Kitimat's 2008 OCP was developed through a collaborative process that included stakeholders, local businesses, community groups, and over 200 residents.

Progress towards OCP goals is monitored. A report card is produced each year.

Strategic Plan

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